Leadership, simply put, is about influence – and every employee and formal leader has influence on others and on shared situations. Interdependent Leadership is about multiplying the power and resources of all four inter-reliant levels of leadership in an organization – Self, People, Team, and Organization – to achieve optimal energy and performance and accelerated business growth.

Only when we get everyone working together, voluntarily sharing their talents, insights, and resources, can we achieve the kind of transformative innovation that is needed to thrive during these difficult times.

This is more important than ever before, as today leaders are struggling to re-energize a highly stressed workforce, and improve energy, performance, and relationships at a time when burn-out has hit record levels. Interdependent Leadership is the cutting-edge strategy used by top leaders to resist the effects of today’s economic riptide. It helps employees and leaders to link arms, multiply their strength and possibilities, and stand solidly against the downward pull that is sucking the life out of so many organizations today.
Interdependent Leadership creates a Shift Up in:

  • Self-Leadership – the ability to clearly see and choose to positively influence Self, and consequently Others and Situations, regardless of outside negative influences.
  • Proactive Accountability – igniting self-responsibility and self-motivation
  • Coachlike Engagement – inspiring others’ growth, energy, and performance
  • Interdependent Collaboration – accelerating team performance by mitigating weaknesses, mistakes, and failure through the use of team strengths
  • Transformative Innovation – radically evolving customer-centric solutions to ensure lasting customer loyalty and continuous business growth

Interdependent Leadership is successful because it offers leaders the tools to respond to uncertainty and ambiguity, which is at an all-time high. It counters negative culture replacing outdated patterns with new mindsets, skills, and habits one person and team at a time.

Interdependent Leadership is “the achievement of optimal energy and performance through the wise integration of opposing perspectives and needs.” This happens at four inter-reliant leadership levels including:

  • Self-Leadership
  • People (Interpersonal) Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organization (Culture) Leadership

Wise balance between the contrasting task and relationship perspectives and needs is necessary to consistently achieve high energy and performance at each of the four levels. This requires leaders to be aware of and thoughtfully respond to needs and triggers that interfere with optimal outcomes. Leaders also must become coach-like guides to individuals and teams, which helps them create their own conditions for sustained success.

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“I took away enormous value from participating in People Acuity’s virtual workshop. It was reassuring, at this time particularly, to have affirmed that we have within ourselves the capacity to make a difference – and to understand how better to do so. It was refreshing and energizing.”

Rob Escano, Head of Talent Development Del Monte Philippines