What is Interdependent Leadership?

Interdependent Leadership is characterized by the optimal balance and synergy between task and relationship. It completes and evolves traditional leadership competencies such as strategy, decision-making, execution, and influencing.

Why is Interdependent Leadership Important?

In today’s organizations, there is a consuming focus on systems, technology and metrics. What is often lost is people, and specifically, the ability to align organizational culture and business strategy. In fact, this is the #1 business challenge of our time.

When people are seen and see their own value and trust in their capability and potential, they are open to others and more able to combine their contributions. More options become available, more problems are solved, systems flow and technology is adopted. Performance and energy soar.

Why Interdependent Leadership Now?

Winning in this economy can only happen when people learn to align the human experience with organization priorities. Today, performance outcomes are only as good as the interactions that power them. Consider these sobering statistics:

  • 75% of all work done today happens in teams (both formal and informal), yet 75% of those teams are dysfunctional.
  • 68% of individuals feel under-valued by their peers and leaders at work.
  • 83% of all people identify their organizations as a moderately or highly toxic organization.
  • 60% of people are stressed all or most of the time at work.
  • 88% of Millennials demand a positive culture – or they will leave to find it.

“A people-oriented economy requires a people-focused solution, and that begins with changing the way people are seen, valued, and maximized.”

DeAnna Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, People Acuity™

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How to Develop Interdependent Leadership

Interdependent Leadership is the one skill that changes everything. It is fueled by three Guides: Synergize through Strategic Interdependence, Energize through Strengths Strategy and Engage through Purpose Alignment. Individuals and organizations develop mastery of them through a unique Build-Develop-Embed-Assess process that causes clients to experience a guaranteed Shift Up! in company culture. Click through them below to learn more.


Synergize through Strategic Interdependence


Energize through Strengths Strategy


Engage through Purpose Alignment



Synergize through Strategic Interdependence

Synergizing through Interdependence includes knowing how to intentionally create complementary relationships, which calls forth the capabilities and untapped potential of everyone to co-create remarkable results. It is a necessary part of People Acuity because you can’t accurately see yourself, and your impact without being open to, and receiving others’ perspectives.

“Synergizing through Interdependence™ is the single biggest predictor of a person’s ability to intelligently influence others to achieve greatness.”

DeAnna Murphy
Chief Executive Officer, People Acuity™    

Energize through Strengths Strategy

Energizing through Strengths Strategy is the ability to strategically utilize strengths, strengths-based tools, and success patterns to create success, and mitigate the impact of weaknesses. This guide works with Synergizing through Interdependence to clarify your contributions, by clearly understanding strengths and their associated relevant weaknesses. Further, it empowers you to stretch your capability through the creation of Strengths Strategies that reduce your experience of weakness so you can spend more time at high energy and performance.

“Unused strengths and their infinite growth potential may well be the greatest treasure trove of untapped resources in all the world. It can yield the greatest outcomes, deepest fulfillment, and richest relationships in your life – but only if you know how to access it. The day you learn and commit to a consistent strategy to achieve this end will be one of the most important days of your life!”

Lisa Gregory
Thought Leader, People Acuity™

Engage through Purpose Alignment

Engaging through Purpose Alignment fundamentally includes leveraging purpose to engage self and others, through aligning Relational, Work/Role, and Situational Purposes in such a way as to increasingly work in optimal ways. This guide works in tandem with the others to boldly call forth your untapped potential, and moves you toward fulfilling objectives. It awakens passion and possibilities, and provides motivation to stay when it’s hard.

“Purpose is the place where you bring your unique talents in service of authentic needs and make a difference for others. The most profound difference made, however, is not in the lives of others at all. It is in your own life, as your day-to-day frustration turns to deep fulfillment, and even your miserable tasks take on meaning.”

Steve Jeffs
Thought Leader, People Acuity™


People Acuity is not created in a microwave, but through multiple touch points in real time.

  • Build knowledge – learn how to see and think in new ways
  • Develop skills – practice applying new ways of behaving in real-time
  • Embed the learning and skills – create practical systems to ensure sustainability (at individual, team, and organizational levels)
  • Assess regularly – see how individuals, teams, and your organization are changing throughout the development process, using a validated measurement tool: the People Acuity Index.

People Acuity Differentiators

People Acuity mindsets, language and practices create the interdependent leadership needed to win the hearts and minds of people. Interdependent Leadership through People Acuity offers the necessary bridge into the new Human Economy. It’s not possible to win in a people-focused economic era if you can’t see and optimize people.

People Acuity is the most powerful leadership meta-competency of our day. It is foundational to the Human Economy and amplifies all other leadership competencies.

People Acuity introduces Work Joy as a learned skill that enrolls employees as partners in the employee engagement equation.

Provides a unique Build-Develop-Embed-Assess process to create a guaranteed Shift Up! in People Culture

People Acuity identifies blame as the primary symptom of organizational toxicity and treats the root causes through powerful Blamebuster solutions.

People Acuity identifies success patterns and strengths to launch both individual and organizational improvement.

People Acuity changes the way people see, which informs how they feel, what they do, and impacts every result and relationship.

People Acuity leverages its Inside-Out transformation process to move people from Self-Leadership to Interpersonal Effectiveness, and from Team Connection to Organizational Excellence.

People Acuity aligns corporate culture measures with business measures.

People Acuity Offers a Money-back Guarantee

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