Interdependent Leadership is the cutting-edge approach used by top-tier leaders to increase competitive advantage, and to dramatically improve performance and relationships. It affords stability and growth to leaders who are caught in today’s ambiguity, providing valuable resources to navigate record stress levels caused by the world’s ever-increasing complexity.
Interdependent Leadership is defined as “the achievement of optimal energy and performance through the wise integration of opposing perspectives and needs”.

To be effective, this must happen at each of these inter-reliant levels of leadership:

  • Self-Leadership
  • People (Interpersonal) Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organization (Culture) Leadership

When Interdependent Leadership is high, there is a consistent collegial reconciliation between the contrasting perspectives and needs related to task and relationship. Specifically, this includes balancing:

  • Long Range Visioning versus Short Range Action – as it relates to task
  • Group Enrollment versus Individual Engagement – as it relates to relationships.

Leaders who do this well are able to ignite voluntary, enthusiastic contribution and self-directed Proactive Accountability from their employees. They use Coach-like Engagement to develop growth-minded employees who deliver unforgettable experiences to internal and external customers alike. Additionally, they know how to engage their teams in Interdependent Collaboration, and thus bring about the kind of Transformative Innovation that breathes new life and growth into the business for years to come.

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