Check out the latest videos by the People Acuity Thought Leadership Team.

Remembering the Confident Vulnerability™ Mantra

Learn a quick trick to remembering the mantra of Confident Vulnerability™.

What is the Strengths Lens and Blind Spot?

Learn about your Strengths Lens including your Blind Spot and how it affects what you see, believe, do and the results you get.

How do Your Unmet Needs Drive You?

Your strengths have needs and those needs – met or unmet – can drive where you go in the Strategic Interdependence Model.

Are You Stuck in the Four Behaviors of the Toxic Triangle?

Learn the four common behaviors that let you know you are in the Toxic Triangle and need to get out.

Why Should You Learn to Feed the Need?

Learn the importance of feeding your needs and how doing so can serve you and others.

Why Does Purpose Alignment Matter?

See how this analogy of a car alignment applies to your own life and living in alignment with your most optimal self.

What Happens When There is Purpose Misalignment?

These are common results and feelings when there is a lack of clear purpose or alignment in tasks, relationships and teams. Are these true for you and your team too?

A Purpose Success Story – Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace

Hear how Purpose Alignment within self enabled this skeleton athlete to change her results and win an Olympic medal.

Student Examples of Relational Purpose Statements

See a montage of Relational Purpose Statements and the images that represent them.

A Work/Role Purpose Success Story – Thought Leader DeAnna Murphy

Hear an example of the power of clearly defining your work or role purpose.