Team Leadership: Shift Up Interdependent Collaboration

The Team Leadership: Shift Up Interdependent Collaboration learning journey extends the Interdependent Leadership skill set to the complexity of formal and informal teams. This knowledge expedition is best optimized when experienced by intact teams, although managers and leaders who lead teams will definitely benefit. This program accelerates the alignment, focus, connection, and engagement of teams.

Participants will increase their:

  • Team engagement: co-creating productive, high-energy, and performance team experiences that ignite accountability and progress
  • Interdependent collaboration: integrating team resources to break down silos, expand options, and mitigate individual weakness
  • Productive tension: combining opposite perspectives in a collegial way into effective holistic solutions
  • Customer-centric innovation: developing strategies to increase ground-breaking advancements that ensure lasting customer loyalty

Individuals leave this experience with a greater ability to create the psychological safety and team connection needed to create the highest possible level of team performance. They learn how to multiply their brilliance and perspectives with others – rather than subtract or divide people out of the team equation.

The Team Leadership learning experience equips teams with the tools, skills, and keys to Shift Up Interdependent Collaboration in service of attaining remarkable team results.

Program Delivery Options:

  • Online introduction (or post-session refresher): ten 6-minute videos with guided practice worksheets
  • Live workshop: two consecutive days
  • Virtual workshop: seven 2-hour virtual sessions, interspersed with online videos and peer group discussions
  • 10 self-directed learning sessions: each with a deliberate practice log, help to embed the skills
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Bentley Wilson, CEO World Working Alliance