Is Team Building a Challenge in Your Organization?

Toxic teams that don’t work well together dramatically hijack organizational results and employee performance, and decimate employee engagement, job satisfaction, and employee retention. Team culture is the “water” your employees swim in and the key to achieving effective team building.
Team collaboration and team building have thus become work imperatives and are critical to business success today. The amount of time spent on team functions at work is now estimated to be over 80% of an employee’s workday!

Intentional Team Building That Ignites Optimal Team Performance

High team collaboration is only as strong as the team’s connection, psychological safety, and alignment around purpose and goals. Creating these things is not a happy accident, however. They must be designed purposefully, or else your team will default into a state of storming.
People Acuity’s Team Effectiveness coaching journey guides your team to co-create a shared purpose, mindset, language, and practices, which leads to clear buy-in to the team culture, and the self-accountability that comes with it. It helps your team replace blame and judgment with Appreciative Curiosity and Confident Vulnerability so that the strengths of the team can cover individual weaknesses.

About the Team Effectiveness (Team Coaching) Experience

Those who participate in this transformative team coaching experience will:

  • Increase team connection by defining a shared team purpose
  • Strengthen team accountability and commitment
  • Decrease conflict, blame, and judgment
  • Design clear operating agreements that create psychological safety, recovery from frustration, and task alignment
  • Deepen their ability to collaborate and breakdown silos
  • Become more solution-focused, agile, and collaborative
  • Co-create accountability strategies to ensure follow-up of team agreements.

What You Get With This Cutting-Edge Team Effectiveness Experience

The People Acuity Team Effectiveness team coaching experience includes:

  • Four customized team coaching sessions
  • Three collaborative influencer/leader meetings to shape and integrate the team suggestions and ensure team follow-up
  • Co-created actionable accountability strategies to ensure application of team decisions
  • Team Effectiveness summary including team purpose, norms, and accountability strategies
  • Team purpose poster (digital copy)
  • Access to top-ranked global coaching leaders to support process.

“Our Team Effectiveness experience increased our team’s functioning by over 90% over the past year!  We are communicating better, understanding each other better, and are functioning like a real team thanks to the growth we have achieved together.”

Grant Lindell

First United Bank Michigan

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