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BLAME is the #1 toxic behavior inside organizations and it stalls progress!

“Accountability in a toxic environment
is just BLAME with numbers.”

Lisa GregoryPeople Acuity

Blame is the number one toxic behavior inside organizations – at least according to a 2018 People Acuity research study of over 2,000 people across the globe.  Interestingly enough, in that very same study, over 50% of all organizations scored the highest possible blame score on a culture assessment, and another whopping 33% were identified as moderate-blame organizations.  Think about what that means if you are part of the 83% of organizations that have moderate or high blame!  What does that mean if you are a coach trying to move an organization to higher performance, productivity, engagement or results? It means the Blame Barrier is standing in your way and in the way of your clients!

How big is the impact?

In a 2018 global study led by two doctorate-level psychologists from the People Acuity psychometrics team, 50% of the 1,300 individuals in the study identified their organizations as having the highest possible blame levels.  Only 17% identified their organizations as having low blame.  The contrast is startling!  As you can see, if you are in a high blame organization, the likelihood that you would have high Work Joy is 4%, versus 64% if you are in a low blame organization.  The contrast is even greater for Team Connection and Proactivity.

Work Joy

Team Connection


Chances of Experiencing High Work Joy, Team Connection, and Proactivity in High Versus Low Blame Organizations

What can you do? 

Can you really shift the culture and accelerate results in organizations? YES YOU CAN! Become a Blame Buster™! Learn how through the actions below. Choose what works best for you. But don’t wait. Take action! Your clients need you to help them figure this out. And set yourself apart in the market place as you do it with this cutting edge thinking and achieve measurable results.


  1. Learn online – Breaking the Blame Barrier

Take this free 30 minute online course to see quantitative measurement of the impact of blame in organizations, why it is hard to change, and the three keys to Busting Blame (hint: they aren’t what you think they are).

The information in this 30 minute online course as well as the resources at the end of the course will be invaluable to you in breaking the Blame Barrier in organizations. Click HERE to learn more and enroll now.

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