Today it is no longer enough to know what your strengths are. You must understand how to multiply them and use them to create high energy and performance for yourself and others. It is the key to living and working in optimal ways. Helping you do exactly that is the purpose of this learning experience.

The StrengthsMultiplier  Top 7 is an enhanced strengths discovery experience focused on strengths use, not just strengths awareness.  It is designed to empower your Self-Leadership and enhance your positive influence on others. Through assessment, coach-led videos, and interactive online activities, you will uncover ways to use your strengths to:

  • Raise your energy and performance.
  • More confidently contribute.
  • Reduce unproductive, negative time.
  • Stop your weaknesses from interfering with your success.
  • Recover quickly when you feel stuck and down.

What the StrengthsMultiplier Reveals

The StrengthsMultiplier Top 7 experience goes far beyond traditional strengths assessment methodology to awaken you to these important elements of your Top 7 strengths:

  • Strengths Lens – what it is and how it influences your language, mindsets, and behavior choices
  • Contributions -positive task and relationship influences
  • Needs – conditions essential for you to operate at your best
  • Triggers – how your strengths trip you into low energy and performance
  • Overuse – what your strengths look like when they show up as weaknesses

What to Expect from the StrengthsMultiplier Experience

The StrengthsMultiplier  Top 7 experience includes:

  • A cutting-edge validated 240-question strengths assessment
  • 7 coach-led learning modules to help you understand how to use your strengths
  • Engaging workbook experiences and learner interaction to help you retain and apply your insights
  • A downloadable action plan to guide your next steps to growing your strengths

The entire StrengthsMultiplier Top 7 experience is designed to be completed in about an hour, including the follow-on learning modules and the creation of your action plan.

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“Discovering Self-Leadership transformed our team!  It provided principles and frameworks to give us a common platform of strength to operate from.  It stopped divisiveness and conflict – and provided a guiding vision to progress into the future.  It has helped our leaders engage in ways that are more impactful on an individual level. Every leader and team would benefit from this experience!”

John Alldredge, Vice President of Strategy and Solutioning, United Healthcare – A Fortune 5 Company
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