Steve Jeffs

Steve Jeffs pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Sought after as an engaging and entertaining speaker, he has inspired audiences from more than 80 countries. Steve blends intellect, humour and an uncanny ability to observe and interact with audiences on the fly to deeply connect with audiences and their new possibilities.

Steve co-leads the People Acuity groundswell that has been sweeping the globe and bridging the way into the new Human Economy.  His out-of-the-box thinking has prompted thousands of people to reconsider their approach to work and life, and to adopt Strengths Strategies that accelerate growth and deepen relationships that are necessary to success in today’s economy.

Steve’s technical expertise and diverse, global experience is combined with a thirst for adventure which brings complex topics to life. With a high energy approach and a presence that fills the room, audiences are educated, inspired and entertained. Whether the goal is business results, personal transformation, leadership growth or innovation, his keynotes drive new ways of thinking allowing audiences to Shift Up!

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How Top Tier Companies Across the Globe Create Organizational Excellence


People Acuity – The One Thing That Will Shift Up! Everything


The Power of Confident Vulnerability™: Shift Up! to Peak Performance


Shift Up! Engagement: Igniting Work Joy


PartnerShift: Creating Powerful Partnerships and Teams

How Top Tier Companies Across the Globe Create Organizational Excellence

The world of business is changing as a new economic era has dawned, the Human Economy.  Businesses that have pivoted to fully enroll the hearts and minds of their people are those that are winning – and will continue to.  These are the turbo-charged companies, operating in the top performance tier, and producing unheard of outcomes. Your company could be one of them!

To help position you for this possibility, you will have the chance to explore answers to these thought-provoking questions:

  • What sets top-tier companies apart from others in today’s new economy?
  • Looking toward future excellence in your company, what disruption is needed?
  • What might you need to say “yes” to – and what would you need to say “no” to for the sake of increased organizational excellence?

Whether you are in Kenya or Abu Dhabia, South Africa or Chicago the patterns of excellence are not so different in today’s exciting new era.  Don’t be one of the four in ten companies predicted by J.P. Morgan to fail in the coming decade.  Learn how you can lead an exciting evolution toward increased organizational excellence. 

People Acuity – The One Thing That Will Shift Up! Everything

  • Increase your EQ, SQ, and IQ through People Acuity
  • Discover your People Acuity score, and how much you proactively lead yourself, connect with others, feel engaged (or toxic!)
  • Find three critical keys to winning in the new Human Economy

The Power of Confident Vulnerability™: Shift Up! to Peak Performance

  • Be more of who you are and more comfortable with who you’re not as you discover your Confident Vulnerability score and how to increase it
  • Replace judgmental thinking with unconditional curiosity
  • Flip your performance from weak to peak

Shift Up! Engagement: Igniting Work Joy

  • Discover why employee engagement initiatives fail and how to you can be sure your engagement does NOT fail
  • Increase Millennial engagement through three Work Joy non-negotiables
  • Evaluate how much you enroll your own heart and mind at work by examining your own Work Joy score – see how to get more!

PartnerShift: Creating Powerful Partnerships and Teams

  • Identify the three most important agreements of lasting partnerships and teams
  • Know your Team Connection score – and how to dial up your ability to experience authentic, powerful relationships at home and work
  • Discover the number one destroyer of effective team and partnership experiences, and how to proactively mitigate it.

Steve Jeffs in Action

Steve Jeffs: ANC Market Edge Interview

Dr. Steve Jeffs talks about what every leader needs to know to create an optimal workplace for employees.

DeAnna Murphy and Steve Jeffs Speaking Tour

See highlights from DeAnna Murphy and Steve Jeff’s speaking tour throughout Southeast Asia.

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