Self-Leadership for Leaders – A Virtual Guided Classroom Experience

In today’s world where uncertainty and exhausting change are constants and pressure and stress are at an all-time high, the skill of Self-Leadership is no longer optional. It is a must-have competency for anyone who wants to deliver with high energy and performance consistently! A recent global leadership study of 7,000 leaders identified it as the most-needed competency of our day. In truth, Self-Leadership is where all great results and relationships begin given that it always initiates an upward, synergistic, positive contagion that lifts others, teams, and organizations!

Self-Leadership – A Virtual Guided Classroom Experience will teach you how to create your own conditions for bringing your very best self every single day. It will empower you to create more synergy with others and find deeper, more authentic, and powerful relationships. You will have the benefit of being guided on a deep dive into your strengths, and how to use them to take responsibility for your unique needs, and those things that trigger your strengths into weaknesses every day. Additionally, this learning experience will help you discover your purpose and be awakened to the most impactful fulfillment of your life.

Self-Leadership will:

  • Increase your proactivity, while also decreasing your negativity and reactivity
  • Sharpen your strengths-use skillset to help you decrease weakness and increase energy and performance
  • Acquire the Confident Vulnerability needed to create stronger Interdependent relationships, and better collaboration and problem-solving
  • Deepen your Work Joy and fulfillment as you discover and bring your own unique purpose to life.

Those who have mastered Self-Leadership see benefits like these in their lives:

Self-Leadership – A Virtual Guided Classroom Experience includes:

  • Seven 45-minute online learning sessions with highly engaging videos, projects, assessment tools, and workbook interactions
  • Seven sessions (fourteen hours) of coach-like guided classroom interaction to facilitate practical application
  • Peer group accountability discussions that allow you to positively influence others and inspire growth
  • Free access to the StrengthsMultiplier Top 7 strengths assessment tool and report (valued at $19.95 – found here)
  • Regular Growth Zone Challenges, daily practice logs, and a guided action planning experience to help ensure that you achieve your desired results

Here is how Self-Leadership helps leaders/individuals:

“Self-Leadership has helped me practice Interdependence and no judgment. My energy is definitely higher, and I’m productive than I’ve ever been before!” Gaye Karnasuta, Senior Leader, Del Monte Philippines

Here is how Self-Leadership helps companies achieve repeated best-ever performance:

“Self-Leadership has made us trust-rich, and is making our company rich. Growing our Self-Leadership and Interdependence has led to multiple best-ever sales months, and we just keep growing faster than we ever imagined!Jason Chesko, Vice President of Sales, Factory Outlet Trailers

You will be so glad YOU took this step! Ready to be a stronger Self-Leader?! Let’s jump in!

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“Discovering Self-Leadership transformed our team!  It provided principles and frameworks to give us a common platform of strength to operate from.  It stopped divisiveness and conflict – and provided a guiding vision to progress into the future.  It has helped our leaders engage in ways that are more impactful on an individual level. Every leader and team would benefit from this experience!”

John Alldredge, Vice President of Strategy and Solutioning, United Healthcare – A Fortune 5 Company
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