Self Leadership

The Self-Leadership learning journey is the foundation of Interdependent Leadership and is designed for all employees – from individual contributors to managers and leaders. It is a live or virtual learning experience that awakens the development of tools, skills, and practices that increase energy, engagement, and performance.

Participants will increase their:

  • Creative problem-solving: moving from powerlessness to possibility and solutions-thinking
  • Proactive accountability: igniting self-responsibility, energy, and performance
  • Managing ambiguity: reducing negativity and frustration through wise strengths use
  • Growth mindset: establishing interdependent thinking and self-engagement instead of blame.

Individuals leave this experience with less blame, and increased openness and curiosity, and are more aware of their own needs. They recognize how to take responsibility for and create the conditions for great results. This Self-Leadership program awakens the ability to more clearly see and positively influence self, resulting in higher productivity and outstanding, enthusiastic contribution.

Program Delivery Options:

  • Online introduction (or post-session refresher): ten 6-minute videos with guided practice worksheets
  • Live workshop: two consecutive days
  • Virtual workshop: seven 2-hour virtual sessions, interspersed with online videos and peer group discussions
  • 10 self-directed learning sessions: each with a deliberate practice log, help to embed the skills

Wise balance between the contrasting task and relationship perspectives and needs is necessary to consistently achieve high energy and performance at each of the four levels. This requires leaders to be aware of and thoughtfully respond to needs and triggers that interfere with optimal outcomes. Leaders also must become coach-like guides to individuals and teams, which helps them create their own conditions for sustained success.

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“Discovering Self-Leadership transformed our team!  It provided principles and frameworks to give us a common platform of strength to operate from.  It stopped divisiveness and conflict – and provided a guiding vision to progress into the future.  It has helped our leaders engage in ways that are more impactful on an individual level. Every leader and team would benefit from this experience!”

John Alldredge, Vice President of Strategy and Solutioning, United Healthcare – A Fortune 5 Company
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