Employee turn-over and retention issues have hit businesses like a tsunami.  There are many forces at work creating the current phenomenon: the release of pent-up desires to move as COVID eases, hybrid work, early retirement and the demographic drought, and many more factors.  The net result is that employee loyalty is at an all-time low.

If you’re like most leaders today, statistics suggest that more than half of your employees have updated their resume in the past year, and many are in a constant state of job search. Employee retention is quickly becoming a crisis.

Focusing on employee turn-over and retention is important because:

  • Turnover is costly – up to 250% of an employee’s salary (depending on position)
  • Unwanted turnover decreases performance and increases stress and burnout of remaining employees.
  • The number of available qualified workers is decreasing, while the competition for them is increasing.

Today, retaining star employees in our hyper-competitive workforce market is essential for business success. Companies with the strongest people win!

Recommended Solution

People Acuity approaches retention by helping individuals understand how to use their Strengths At Work.  This experience increases retention by teaching people how to use their strengths to ignite passion, create role-fit, and align their role purpose with the organization’s purpose.

Strengths At Work is a virtual guided, coach-like classroom experience package with engaging, interactive online learning. It is designed for anyone who wants to increase their joy and passion at work and use their strengths to be better,

Those who participate in this learning experience will:

  • Increase their confidence and ability to add value at work
  • Heighten their work-role effectiveness and productivity
  • Reduce stress and improve grit
  • Create stronger role-fit
  • Gain clarity about their work-role purpose
  • Diminish conflict and blame at work.

This program includes:

  • Three 45-minute online sessions with engaging videos, projects, assessments, and workbook interactions
  • Three 2-hour virtual sessions to facilitate skill practice (or a 1-day live workshop)
  • Peer group accountability discussions that embed strengths-use skills
  • Access to the StrengthsMultiplierTop 7 strengths assessment
  • Daily Growth Zone Challenges and practice logs, with a follow-up action plan to maintain post-program growth.


“I’ve replaced stress@work with strengths@work! This experience was a true game-changer!”

Chin Wu, Hong Kong

“I used to hate my job, but after participating in Strengths At Work, I now go home each day feeling good about what I have done.  I no longer feel burned out in my work — in fact, I’d say I totally LOVE it!!!”

Nikki Thompson, Beltrami County

Other People Acuity Programs to Enhance Power Skill Development

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