Through twenty years of research and organizational development experience, People Acuity has developed a systematic set of offerings and tools that deliver sustainable benefits with results that can be measured. The old one-and-done workshop methodology has been replaced with a multi-modality approach that can be customized according to your needs.

We offer services via:

  • Self-directed on-demand online programs
  • Virtual classroom programs
  • In-person programs
  • Peer mastermind groups to ignite application and increase accountability
  • Coaching for individuals, executives, and teams
  • In-house facilitator and coach certifications.

You will quickly discover that People Acuity is committed to working closely with you to carefully align your learning experience with strategic business outcomes so as to optimize your return on investment. This includes working with leaders to develop new practices and embed new habits that result in lasting measurable improvements at all levels of organizational leadership. This is available through People Acuity’s renown Build-Develop-Embed-Assess methodology that systematically integrates Interdependent Leadership at each level of organizational leadership.

The experience of working with People Acuity guarantees an energizing transformative Shift Up! across your organization and equips you with actionable means to grow your people and your business. People Acuity’s strategy is sophisticated yet approachable, and will make improvements in organizational leadership that result in benefits to the corporate bottom line.

Whether you are a medium to large business, or looking for solutions that serve corporate executives, HR professionals, or entire staffs, we can help you leverage the resources within your own organization to create the change you seek. Our successful track record includes work in healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail, technology, and many other industries.

Wise balance between the contrasting task and relationship perspectives and needs is necessary to consistently achieve high energy and performance at each of the four levels. This requires leaders to be aware of and thoughtfully respond to needs and triggers that interfere with optimal outcomes. Leaders also must become coach-like guides to individuals and teams, which helps them create their own conditions for sustained success.

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“When we started our People Acuity journey, we had a lot of people who were drowning and felt damaged.  The learning experience they helped us create reversed our patterns and brought inside-out change, hope, and healing.  Having our own leaders become certified as coaches and facilitators helped us to guide our people to their own resilient strength and ensure execution of the learning.  We absolutely found the changes we were looking for!”

Cam Fanfulik, Executive Director, NWRDC

Our Programs

Our Programs