Work Joy in a Human Economy: Revolutionizing Employee Engagement


People Acuity Philippines presents the author of Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living, and Top 100 Global Coaching Leader, DeAnna Murphy. Join us for a two hour workshop and discover a cutting-edge research-driven approach to shifting up employee engagement in all new ways!

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The era of employee engagement is on its way out because we are stepping in to the Human Economy and a Millennial-dominated workforce, and a new approach is needed to break away from the cycle of low engagement.  The best companies are shifting up – are you keeping pace?

Two years ago, Q12 author and acclaimed engagement thought leader author, Rodd Wagner, predicted the end of employee engagement.  That was before we hit a 17-year low in engagement, but after the engagement scores had flat-lined for over a decade.  Today, 71% of workers say they would change jobs in a heartbeat, and the average loss per disengaged employee is about 34% of their salary when they stay. Either way, low engagement is a losing proposition!

Other companies are maximizing their ROI, and seeing minimally a $22 return for every $1 spent. If your employee engagement strategy has not had this kind of return, you might want to join us, and:

  • Explore a brand-new employee engagement ecosystem approach, including discovering the four equally responsible stakeholders in the employee engagement equation – and the responsibilities of each
  • Discover the three most common leader and employee mindsets that interfere with high engagement
  • Identify the antidote that is crucial for high engagement and the mitigation of all frustration and toxicity
  • Calculate your potential Employee Engagement Return on Investment
  • Explore a three-step process to empower individual employees’ responsibility and willingness to choose engagement