The Key to Interdependence: Exploring Confident Vulnerability™


This 15-minute PA online Mini-course will teach you how to develop Confident Vulnerability™ to positively affect relationships and situations, and help you move into and stay in Interdependence.

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This 15-minute PA online Mini-course includes:

  • What Confident Vulnerability is, how it is developed and how to recognize when you have it
  • Examples of the impact Confident Vulnerability has in real situations and relationships
  • A plan for you to apply Confident Vulnerability in your own life – at work or home
  • Access to Coach Kelly for personalized feedback on your application of ICU Acknowledgment

Please Note: Prerequisites to this course are the three “Dealing with People” Mini-courses plus the “A Difference-making Alternative: Exploring Interdependence” Mini-course OR coaching with a certified People Acuity Coach. Without those courses or coaching as a foundation, this Mini-course will be confusing to you.


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