The Key to Endless Excellence: Strategic Interdependence® Part 1


This 15-minute PA online Mini-course will teach you how to increase the synergy and excellence in your life, work and relationships by understanding the four places from which you operate, which three are toxic in your life and which one creates excellent results.


This 15-minute PA online Mini-course includes:

  • The components of the Strategic Interdependence Model®
  • A list of the unique behavioral indicators and results of Dependence, Independence, Codependence, and Independence
  • How strengths and the needs of strengths lead you to any of the four points of the model
  • Access to Coach Kelly for personalized feedback on your application of the Strategic Interdependence Model®

Please Note: Prerequisites to this course are the three “Dealing with People” Mini-courses plus the “A Difference-making Alternative: Exploring Interdependence” Mini-course OR coaching with a certified People Acuity Coach. Without those courses or coaching as a foundation, this Mini-course will be confusing to you.

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