Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance for Families

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September 8, 2018
Thames International School
27 Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
$220.00/pax (~PhP 11,880.00) for individuals
$207.00/pax (~PhP 11,178.00) family rate***
1 Day SSOP Workshop
Top 5 CSF* & C2B Assessment
Workbook & People Acuity Cards
Shift Up E-Book
Online Optimal Performance Certificate Course  (30, 15-minute videos as follow-ups)
**AM Snacks, Buffet Lunch, and PM Snacks.
*** for 2 or more family members attending together

This one-day learning experience will provide you the opportunity to discover and practice the six Strengths Strategies that will help you solve your pressing workplace problems.

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  • Experience a living laboratory empowering you to not just learn, but also practice, the six highest return-on-investment (ROI) Strengths Strategies. These Strategies are quantitatively proven to directly impact individual and team performance
  • Evaluate and increase your optimal performance using the validated C2B Assessment, measuring Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, and Confident Vulnerability and its included online C2B Growth Strategy follow-up program
  • Increase Team Connection and personal fulfillment through learning to choose Strategic Interdependence®
  • Increase your Proactivity through Feed the Need
  • Discover the Leveraging Success Patterns™ approach to recovering from toxicity, and increasing Work Joy
  • Increase your Confident Vulnerability (highly correlated with trust) through the Strengths Strategy of Intelligently Influencing Others
  • Proactively Create Your Conditions for Optimal Performance

Here’s what past participants have had to say:
“The Strengths Strategy experience has directly enhanced my current relationships and business growth. In fact, we saw an immediate 10.5% increase in business in the months following our learning”. (Chris B., Edward Jones) “Since our Strengths Strategy experience, I have seen a huge change! Our team is producing 20% better… we are getting our work done in half the time and getting excellent results.” (Kate B., Abrazo Health Services). “Our Strengths Strategy experience increased our team’s functioning by over 90% over the past year! We are communicating better, understanding each other better, and are functioning like a real team.” -Grant Lindell, First United Bank



Introduction to Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance

  • Increasing Personal Engagement and Performance:
    • Discovering the Optimal Zone – and the Depletion Zone difference
    • Power of Strengths Strategy on Energy and Performance

Strengths Strategy: Strategic Interdependence Model

  • Increasing Teamwork and Contribution: Understanding Strategic Interdependence
  • Change Management: Fastest Way to Create Change: Where Do You Put Your Focus?

Strengths Strategy: Feed the Need

  • Increasing Leadership, Engagement, Productivity and Contribution:
    • Seeing Your Strengths in Action
    • A Crucial Strategy for Preventing Your Strengths from Turning into Weaknesses

Strengths Strategy: Leveraging Success Patterns

  • Creative Problem Solving and Innovation:
    • Why Leveraging Success Patterns?
    • Getting Farther Faster: Using the SEE Process to Solve Problems and Innovate Solutions


Strengths Strategy: Intelligently Influencing Others

  • Increasing Leadership, Engagement and Teamwork:
    • Discovering the Keys to Influencing Others’ Shift Up! Experience
    • Using the Strengths Lens Concept to Understand and Positively Impact Others:
      Understanding and Leveraging the Four Domains

Strengths Strategy: Creating Your Conditions

  • Increasing Engagement, Self-leadership and Contribution:
    • Proactively Creating Conditions for Your Optimal Performance: Three Necessary Elements
    • Recognizing Your Own Unique Contribution
    • How Universal Needs Trigger You: Possible Agreements to Mitigate Them
  • Performance Management: Setting Your PACE – Setting Goals to Carry Your Learning Forward into Real Life

Strengths Strategy: ICU Acknowledgment

  • Influencing Culture, Teamwork and Engagement:
    • The Mechanics and Power of ICU Acknowledgement
    • The Fastest Way to Create a Shift Up! For Yourself and Others – Practice

Accelerating Optimal Performance

  • Closure and Accountability
  • Next Steps and Commitment to Continue the Learning

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September 8, 2018 Thames International School 27 Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City