Shift Up! Your Individual and Team Performance


Date: January 19, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Place: Philippines. Exact location details will be emailed to registrants in January.
Regular Rate: USD 275
Early Bird Rate: USD (enter the coupon code SHIFT up to December 15, 2018 to receive the Early Bird discount)

Description: This is a one-day experiential workshop that equips people with six Strengths Strategies to exponentially increase individual and team energy and performance.  It enhances productivity and effective relationships by reducing wasted time in toxicity and frustration.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Learn how you can create and be part of a high performing team 100% of the time
  • Understand how to use your strengths to create greater fulfillment for you and have the maximal, positive impact on others
  • Identify and remove your most common barriers to optimal performance
  • Learn how to better leverage your own success patterns and inner resources when you are facing problems or frustration
  • Learn the three most effective tools for intelligently influencing others
  • Discover the fastest way to Shift Up! and out of toxicity
  • Identify specific ways to help others feel seen, valued, and understood.
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  • Experience a living laboratory empowering you to not just learn, but also practice, the six highest return-on-investment (ROI) Strengths Strategies. These Strategies are quantitatively proven to directly impact individual and team performance
  • Evaluate and increase your optimal performance using the validated C2B Assessment, measuring Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, and Confident Vulnerability and its included online C2B Growth Strategy follow-up program
  • Increase Team Connection and personal fulfillment through learning to choose Strategic Interdependence®
  • Increase your Proactivity through Feed the Need
  • Discover the Leveraging Success Patterns™ approach to recovering from toxicity, and increasing Work Joy
  • Increase your Confident Vulnerability (highly correlated with trust) through the Strengths Strategy of Intelligently Influencing Others
  • Proactively Create Your Conditions for Optimal Performance

Here’s what past participants have had to say:
“The Strengths Strategy experience has directly enhanced my current relationships and business growth. In fact, we saw an immediate 10.5% increase in business in the months following our learning”. (Chris B., Edward Jones) “Since our Strengths Strategy experience, I have seen a huge change! Our team is producing 20% better… we are getting our work done in half the time and getting excellent results.” (Kate B., Abrazo Health Services). “Our Strengths Strategy experience increased our team’s functioning by over 90% over the past year! We are communicating better, understanding each other better, and are functioning like a real team.” -Grant Lindell, First United Bank



Introduction to Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance

  • Increasing Personal Engagement and Performance:
    • Discovering the Optimal Zone – and the Depletion Zone difference
    • Power of Strengths Strategy on Energy and Performance

Strengths Strategy: Strategic Interdependence Model

  • Increasing Teamwork and Contribution: Understanding Strategic Interdependence
  • Change Management: Fastest Way to Create Change: Where Do You Put Your Focus?

Strengths Strategy: Feed the Need

  • Increasing Leadership, Engagement, Productivity and Contribution:
    • Seeing Your Strengths in Action
    • A Crucial Strategy for Preventing Your Strengths from Turning into Weaknesses

Strengths Strategy: Leveraging Success Patterns

  • Creative Problem Solving and Innovation:
    • Why Leveraging Success Patterns?
    • Getting Farther Faster: Using the SEE Process to Solve Problems and Innovate Solutions


Strengths Strategy: Intelligently Influencing Others

  • Increasing Leadership, Engagement and Teamwork:
    • Discovering the Keys to Influencing Others’ Shift Up! Experience
    • Using the Strengths Lens Concept to Understand and Positively Impact Others:
      Understanding and Leveraging the Four Domains

Strengths Strategy: Creating Your Conditions

  • Increasing Engagement, Self-leadership and Contribution:
    • Proactively Creating Conditions for Your Optimal Performance: Three Necessary Elements
    • Recognizing Your Own Unique Contribution
    • How Universal Needs Trigger You: Possible Agreements to Mitigate Them
  • Performance Management: Setting Your PACE – Setting Goals to Carry Your Learning Forward into Real Life

Strengths Strategy: ICU Acknowledgment

  • Influencing Culture, Teamwork and Engagement:
    • The Mechanics and Power of ICU Acknowledgement
    • The Fastest Way to Create a Shift Up! For Yourself and Others – Practice

Accelerating Optimal Performance

  • Closure and Accountability
  • Next Steps and Commitment to Continue the Learning