People Acuity™ Specialist Online


This online course teaches the three guides to increasing your People Acuity and how to use your People Acuity Accelerators to improve relationships, tasks and results.


Through utilizing these 6 online modules, you will be able to:

  • Increase your ability to appreciate and integrate differences, build cohesive relationships and teams, and problem-solve with others, through accelerating your ability to synergize through Interdependence
  • Be better able to create repeated remarkable results and relationships by learning how to energize yourself and others through increased People Acuity
  • Accelerate your self-leadership, as well as your ability to intelligently influence others toward higher energy and performance
  • Discover a stronger, clearer sense of purpose at work and in life and be able to describe it
  • Learn how to engage yourself (and others) through Purpose Alignment, including being better equipped to respond wisely to ever-changing situations, challenges, and uncertain relationship needs
  • Be able to articulate your “doing” and “being” contributions, your needs related to both task and relationship, your internal and external Toxic Triangle Triggers, the operating beliefs that interfere with work and relationship effectiveness, and the overuse patterns connected to your strengths
  • Learn specific strategies to optimize your strengths and mitigate your experience of weakness.

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