People Acuity™ Insight Report and Self-Coaching Guide


This custom report will uncover two of your People Acuity Accelerators™ – root elements that determine the way you see, feel, act, and the results you create.


In your custom report, you will receive:

  • The first two People Acuity Accelerators™ – contributions and needs – for each of your top five strengths
  •  A list of the things you may be “doing” to add value and make a difference to yourself and others
  • A list of the ways you are “being” that add value and make a difference to yourself and others
  • A guided exploration of how your contributions are showing up in your life to create impact
  • A list of the needs, both task and relationship-oriented, which are connected to your strengths and which create the conditions for you to be at your best and stay motivated
  • Ideas for furthering your understanding of yourself and increasing your People Acuity

Note: To generate your custom report, you will be asked to input your top five strengths as identified in the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment. If you do not have those results, you may purchase the assessment at

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