Certified People Acuity Specialist


Time: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM CST
Place: Zoom Meeting Room
Regular Rate: $995.00 USD
Description: The Certified People Acuity Specialist (CPAS) experience is a foundational coaching and leadership program, one that introduces you to People Acuity’s “coach approach” to leadership and interdependent relationships.  It provides a live laboratory for discovering the three non-negotiables for experiencing Work Joy (engagement) and joy in life – and beginning coaching skills to empower others to make these same discoveries. Individuals will:

  • Discover the norms most likely to create strong collaborative relationships
  • Learn how to intentionally design effective relationships
  • Increase their ability to listen from within the lens of others
  • Practice the leadership skill of Confident Vulnerability
  • Examine keys to empowering others’ feeling of being valued and valuable
  • Develop an increased ability to lead and coach others from unconditional curiosity
  • Identify their most meaningful impact on others
  • Create a Purpose Statement to guide their coach-like leadership and relationships with others
  • Design their own accountability system for follow-up and implementation of learning

Time commitment: This is a 7-week blended learning experience comprised of a two-hour virtual classroom experience each week (same day/time) and one hour of interactive online learning.  The course also includes a thirty-minute coaching session and concludes with a written examination after the seven-weeks.

Audience:  Potential coaches, front line managers, and leaders who wish to be more coach-like. We are an approved 2019 SHRM Provider. This program can provide participants 12 Professional Development hours for attendance.

Cost:  The cost for this program is $995.