Introduction to the People Acuity Program


The Introduction to People Acuity Program is designed for individuals or coaches who work with organizations and are interested in learning about how People Acuity methodology can reverse the blame and toxicity within individuals and organizations. This program includes:

  • one 2-hour virtual learning experience, “Introduction to People Acuity” (a $199 Value),
  • the one hour online course, “Three Guides to Shifting Your People Acuity Equation” (a $39.95 Value), and
  • one 30-minute individual coaching session (a $150 Value) with one of our certified coaches.

The virtual learning experience provides an introduction to the People Acuity (PA) methodology, including an exploration of two key foundational People Acuity differentiators that crush blame, namely Strategic Interdependence and the Strengths Lens.

In this session, you’ll do the following to help your clients crush blame, increase synergy and get better results:

  • Explore the impact of blame in your clients’ organizations
  • Explore People Acuity as the antidote to blame and toxicity
  • Experience the power of Strategic Interdependence and its role in crushing blame and building effective relationships and transformational coaching/coach-like conversations

In the online course, “Three Guides to Shifting Your People Acuity Equation”, you will learn how to positively shift your people experiences through better understanding Interdependence and applying your strengths to better create alignment around purpose.

You will be able to learn and do the following:

  • Be introduced to the power of People Acuity and its three core guides and results
  • Understand the role of Synergizing through Interdependence as a tool to create effective relationships and remarkable results.
  • Explain the connection between Energizing Through Strengths Strategy to sustain high energy and performance for both yourself and others
  • Identify how Engaging through Purpose Alignment enables better outcomes, and creates motivation, meaning, and connection
  • Identify specific and concrete next steps in your journey to People Acuity development
  • Create goals that will guide your growth of People Acuity

With the included Growth Zone Challenge, you’ll have specific direction on how to apply your new learning to get results.

You will also receive personalized feedback and coaching from one of our certified coaches during your 30 minute coaching session.

There are no prerequisites to this program.

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