Certified People Acuity™ Specialist Virtual Program


This distance learning certification course ensures you can apply the three People Acuity Guides to your life and assist others in doing the same. It provides the laboratory experience necessary to transfer your increased understanding into practical, real-life, actionable skills you can use to benefit yourself and others. This foundational blended learning certification course is a 6-week program (plus an orientation week). (Program investment of $1,495.00 includes the cost of a $99 materials fee.)


Product Description

Certified People Acuity Specialist Program includes (for no additional charge) the following course materials and tools:

  • People Acuity Insight Report and Self-Coaching Guide
  • People Acuity Accelerator Level 1 Report and Self-Coaching Guide
  • People Acuity Specialist Online (a $249 value)
  • Certified People Acuity Specialist professional designation

Upon completion of the applied learning experience, you will have:

  • Acquired deeper alignment with your optimal self through your increased ability to co-create with others, and better Synergize through Interdependence
  • An increased ability to create repeated remarkable results and relationships by leveraging the guide, Energize through Strengths Strategy, to sustain high energy and performance for both self and others
  • Accelerated your ability to intelligently influence self/others through Engaging through Purpose Alignment, including being better equipped to respond wisely to ever-changing situations and uncertain relationship needs
  • Developed a growing People Acuity ability through understanding and effectively using People Acuity Accelerators
  • An introductory ability to support others’ growth through facilitating meaningful conversations with others and interpreting the results of their introductory People Acuity reports

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Start Date

Wednesdays, starting January 24, 9-11am CT, Tuesdays, starting February 27, 9-11am CT

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