Certified People Acuity Guide Associate Resource Package


Prepare for your first four transformative conversations with your Certified People Acuity™ Guide by taking one session of this four-part online program before each conversation.  Also take the C2B Assessment™ and Growth Strategy and the People Acuity Accelerator™ Level 1 Report and Self-Coaching Guide.


Each session of your work with your Guide has two parts – an online learning session and a guided conversation with your Guide. This online learning component is available only to those who are being guided by a Certified People Acuity™ Guide. Also included in this resource package for you is the People Acuity Accelerator™ Level 1 report which you and your Guide will use in your sessions along with two C2B assessments to help measure your progress. Follow your Guide’s instructions and take one assessment at the start of your Guided experience and the second assessment approximately 60 days later. Then, compare your results. For Example:

C2B Assessment™ and Growth Strategy – First Results

Learn and Grow with Your Certified People Acuity Guide

People Acuity Accelerator™ Level 1 Report (requires you to identify your top 5 strengths from the results of the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment – not included)

C2B Assessment™ and Growth Strategy – Second Results

As mentioned, the online component is titled “Learn and Grow with Your Certified People Acuity™ Guide”. It contains the four online learning sessions that will prepare you for the four guided conversations you will have. Each online session will teach you information, models and language you will need to know to make the most of your guided conversations with your Guide. You may have more than four conversations, but the first four provide a foundation for all future conversations and these online sessions will help you prepare. The sessions are:

Session 1: Creating Connection and Alignment
Session 2: Seeing Strengths
Session 3: Embracing Weakness
Session 4: Relational Purpose Statement

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