C2B Assessment with Growth Strategy


This C2B Assessment with Growth Strategy will help you measure and improve your Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity and Confident Vulnerability™.



With your C2B Assessment experience, you will receive:

  • The C2B Assessment
  • The C2B Report with Itemized Scores for each of the four C2B Assessment scales (Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, Confident Vulnerability™)
  • The online C2B Growth Strategy creation experience that will lead you through a 4-step process to help you set goals and develop accountability strategies that will empower you to increase your scores, including:
    1. Find Your Why. Identify your most desired results and relationship outcomes. This will enable you to target situations and relationships that are meaningful and important to you and have the greatest likelihood of bringing you the kind of fulfillment and connection you may be wanting more
    2. Re-evaluate Your C2B Results. Identify which items reflect current success (your highest rated items), as well as assessing which items might be most important to improve, so that you can achieve the important results and relationships you identified in Step
    3. Leverage Success Patterns. Closely examine your highest scored items, identify how you are creating success, what is working for you, and how you can be more intentional in using your success patterns to achieve your Step 1 desired
    4. Set Your PACE™ Goal-setting Process. Craft very specific objectives related to the top items you most want to influence. The items and goal areas are designed to help you achieve your Step 1


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