People Leadership: Shift Up Coach-Like Engagement

The People Leadership: Shift Up Coach-like Engagement experience builds upon the foundation of interdependence created in Self-Leadership. It is designed for influencers (particularly managers and leaders), and helps them to be more coach-like in their interactions so as to better empower growth, self-responsibility, and self-directed motivation.

Leaders will make the crucial link between results and strong interpersonal effectiveness as they increase their ability to:

  • Motivate and influence: guide individuals toward self-accountability, learning, and high energy/performance
  • Create coach-like engagement: instill enthusiastic, self-directed contribution of others toward shared goals, using coaching skills
  • Inspire ownership: empower intentional shared ownership of an “excellence-in-execution” environment
  • Increase interpersonal agility: adapt easily to individual needs and strengths so as to lead others (regardless of differences) more effectively

Participants will leave this experience better prepared to effectively work with all types of people, including those who are most different. They will more readily be able to create the kind of inspired engagement needed for outstanding achievement of crucial purposes and outcomes.

Program Delivery Options:

  • Online introduction (or post-session refresher): ten 6-minute videos with guided practice worksheets
  • Live workshop: two consecutive days
  • Virtual workshop: seven 2-hour virtual sessions, interspersed with online videos and peer group discussions
  • 10 self-directed learning sessions: each with a deliberate practice log, help to embed the skills
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“This People Leadership – Coach-like Engagement experience brought us into a whole new way of seeing the world that has significantly increased our engagement scores.  The workshops provided intense self-discovery … the online learning helped us to understand and embed the principles.  The coaching helped us to help others Shift Up! to a place of higher energy and performance.”

Syria T. Rama, Learning, Leadership & Talent Development Partner, Barclay’s Bank and Investment Center