Thrivin-People Acuity Newsletter July 2022

The Key to Taking Your Company to the Next Level is a Top-Notch Company Culture

Louis Gerstner, IBM’s former CEO, identified one of his top leadership lessons this way: “Culture isn’t one aspect of the game – it is the game!” He went on to explain how a company’s culture becomes its biggest irreplaceable differentiator and the key to business success or failure.

Today’s organizations face challenges that didn’t exist a decade ago. The volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world of today’s business makes culture more important than ever before. If your company culture is left to chance, it drifts into misalignment from business strategy – which makes it increasingly likely that you are one of the four in ten organizations predicted by J.P. Morgan to fail in the next decade.

If you think about it, your company culture is your organization’s operating system. Like a computer’s operating system, it drives every part of your business, touches everything that happens, and determines whether you will be struggling to survive (or whether you will thrive) in today’s tough economy.

Here are six company culture secrets that every leader should know:

  • Your company culture is the key to your success (or the cause of your failure). Your company culture is to your organization what Windows 11 OS is to a PC. An outdated system decreases productivity, increases frustration, and compromises all outcomes. A strong culture creates efficiency, minimizes distractions and mistakes, and leads to optimal performance, engagement, innovation, and collaboration. It directly drives the bottom line.
  • The #1 problem facing organizations today is strategy-culture misalignment. When business strategy and execution are disconnected from culture, it significantly derails the work of the business, affecting performance and profitability. The idea of company culture feels important to forward thinking leaders, but many feel confused about how to align culture excellence strategy to effectively drive business results and enroll the hearts and minds of people.
  • A strong company culture requires intention and a continuous improvement process. Business strategy cannot be left to chance, nor can a culture excellence strategy. Company culture is not a “one and done” experience. It requires a continuous improvement process to sustain it, just as strong businesses consistently apply lean or Six Sigma to their processes. You can’t plant seeds, water them once, and expect an endless harvest.
  • You can systematize the evolution of your company culture. Because your culture excellence is more than just about people, it is not the same as your HR systems. It involves applying six core principles of sustained culture excellence in four different spheres of influence and engagement: Self-Leadership, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Team Performance, and Organizational Excellence.
  • There are complicated and simple ways to build culture excellence. Top tier companies are relentless about simply implementing three critical mindsets and practices that form a strong culture foundation. All organizational excellence flows from these.
  • Your culture impacts more than just your organization. What happens at work doesn’t just impact work. The stress and burn-out experienced by two-thirds of employees today.

Traditional culture methods are not working today. An annual culture survey or team building workshop will not give you the competitive edge you need. You need a culture excellence strategy that is clearly aligned in support of your business strategy. Anything short of that is like paddling a canoe upstream in a heavy current. You’ll work hard but make no progress.

Be clear. Be aligned. Be relentless about a few non-negotiable mindsets and practices.

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What High-Performing Teams Do Differently

Today’s latest research suggests that the stronger the teamwork of an organization, the higher will be the sales, quality, and customer satisfaction scores. In fact, companies that intentionally build strong teams have five times greater performance and 30% more innovation than those that don’t!

Additionally, great teamwork increases productivity and profitability by more than 25% according to the latest research by McKinsey and Zippia – and is the third most critical power skill needed to future-proof your business. When employees are part of strong teams, they are 65% more likely to stay with the organization. And, given today’s record talent shortages, creating strong teams has become a business imperative!