Welcome to People Acuity! Whether you are looking to improve your results and relationships as a business leader, parent, employee, friend or colleague, People Acuity will change what you see, do and get in your life and work. To get an overview of what People Acuity is all about and how it changes lives, watch the videos below. Then, check out the development paths for individuals, organizations, and coaches. Take a look, sign up for what makes sense to you, and contact us with questions.

Why People Acuity?

Why People Acuity matters and the difference it makes in life, work, relationships and tasks.

What is People Acuity?

Get an overview of what People Acuity is all about and how it changes lives.


Increase my Personal People Acuity

For next steps in your individual development of People Acuity, check out these life-altering resources.

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Increase People Acuity in my Organization

Explore how to bring the positive impact of People Acuity to your organization.

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Become a Certified People Acuity Coach

How to become a Certified People Acuity Coach and or earn CEUs for accreditation.

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People Acuity, a Strengths Strategy Company, was founded by thought leader, DeAnna Murphy. DeAnna is an engaging keynote speaker, author, and a master facilitator of transformational learning with 12,000+ hours coaching, keynoting, and facilitating experiential learning programs, and helping organizations cultivate high-potential employees.

In collaboration with other thought leaders, clients, extensive reviews of current thought leadership and inspiration, People Acuity is an innovative, effective and ground-breaking approach to improved results – for individuals, organizations, families, high education, governments and leaders. People Acuity’s new book, “People Acuity – Revolutionizing Results and Relationships”, outlines their thought leadership and will be available for purchase in early 2018. As an organization, People Acuity lives what it teaches – its approach to learning, growth, business and partnerships is interdependent and creates amazing results.


Below are three brief videos describing the three key guides to People Acuity. These guides form the backbone of our philosophical approach which infuses our coaching. Please ensure you have already watched our introductory videos before watching these videos. Our introductory videos can be accessed here.

Synergize Through Interdependence

How the People Acuity guide of Synergize through Interdependence improves relationships, tasks and results.

Energize Through Strengths Strategy™

How the People Acuity guide of Energize through Strengths Strategy™ improves energy and performance of self and others.

Engage Through Purpose

How the People Acuity guide of Engage through Purpose improves engagement, teamwork and results through three levels of purpose – relational, work/role and situational.