While there are over 1,000 ICF-accredited coach programs in the world, only a very tiny percentage of them are organizational coach certifications. People Acuity’s Organizational Coach Certification is distinctive in that it offers training for managers and leaders in one-to-one coaching as well as providing team coaching fundamentals as part of the certification journey.

This is important because leaders who have the ability to be coach-like in a team environment as well are better able to empower teams to take shared ownership of outcomes, to be unified, and to create peer-to-peer accountability.

The People Acuity Organizational Coach Certification Program is delivered in four stages. The staging strategy gives learners time to internalize and practice the models, tools and skills that are needed to deliver transformative growth.

Becoming a Certified Organizational Coach requires completion of:

  • Self-Leadership and Coach-like Engagement: these programs, with the completion of a written exam, provide the essential coaching foundation for one-to-one employee development, and come with a Certified People Acuity Guide designation. This communicates that they have done the work needed to guide others effectively.
  • Team Coach Fundamentals: this certification program prepares leaders to guide teams using coaching tools to solve problems, to learn and grow together, and ignite accountability.
  • Coaching Mastery: this learning journey offers the leader one-to-one coaching to model more advanced coaching skills; it also offers supervisions and online learning that directly teaches and reinforces ICF core competencies, as well as an oral exam that allows them to demonstrate mastery.
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“This certification experience puts science around what once felt to me to be pseudo psychology. In fact, it helped me crack the code for team engagement. This learning experience is like putting on new glasses to see how to encourage the best from individuals and teams … it offers distinctions for understanding who I really am, and who others really are.”

Patti Rokus, Project Manager, Nike

People Acuity’s Organizational Coach Certification program is mapped to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies. It meets the ICF standard of 60 hours of specific coach training and prepares coaches to successfully complete the 100 hours of coaching needed to submit and ICF ACC portfolio. The Organizational Coach Certification program features measurable behavior changes and a multi-modality learning approach including live or virtual learning, online modules, peer discussion and group coaching facilitated by seasoned professional coaches. Over 1,000 individuals, in 32 countries, have been certified by People Acuity.