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People Acuity Newsletter – February 2022

Sports award shows may not be your thing, but you’d likely feel differently if you were basing your opinion on what ESPN calls their “single greatest moment ever.” If you’d been there at their first ESPY awards, you would have called it “unforgettable” – especially hearing one of the most inspiring speeches ever given when Jimmy Valvano shared his game plan for not losing sight of what life is really about.

People Acuity Newsletter – January 2022

Traditional culture methods are not working today. An annual culture survey or team building workshop will not give you the competitive edge you need. You need a culture excellence strategy that is clearly aligned in support of your business strategy. Anything short of that is like paddling a canoe upstream in a heavy current. You’ll work hard but make no progress.

People Acuity Newsletter – August 2021

More Americans are quitting their jobs today than they have in twenty years – the “quit rate” doubling in the last year alone. It’s no big surprise how this era has come to be crowned with the dubious title of The Great Resignation. This title is even more frighteningly accurate when you consider that 95% of workers today are thinking about quitting their jobs, up from 40% in March 2021, according to last month’s Business Insider report.

People Acuity Newsletter – June / July 2021

Why Take Online Courses? Online learning is not something that developed because of the pandemic – it’s been around for considerably longer – but the past 16 months has very clearly shown its value in (and to) education, business, training, personal career and interest development, and more. There are also many advantages and reasons why you should take career-related online courses, even after the pandemic.

People Acuity Newsletter – April 2021

Don’t Be ‘That Guy’! Imagine that you work for a jerk – a total narcissist! He uses an outdated command-and-control leadership style that includes public shaming, blaming, yelling, and criticizing – and you are constantly pounded by him no matter how hard you work or how much success you create. It’s no surprise that the leadership turnover rate in your organization is 50% because no one can stand him!

People Acuity Newsletter – February 2021

If you ask most leaders how work is, the most predictable answer is, “Busy.” But, if you dig a little deeper to find out what that really means, you’ll hear things like, "I'm Stressed". We need a new response to stress if we are going to get right-side-up again in 2021. That is why we have written this brief whitepaper (see below), What Great Leaders Do Differently Under Stress,” and provide you with an exciting online learning program to help you, Igniting Performance and Energy.

People Acuity Newsletter – December 2020

If you are among the 88% of employees experiencing the highest stress levels ever, this season of supposed peace and joy may not feel like that for you.1 The year-ending period of celebrations isn’t over yet though, and you can still be infused with the happiness of Tiny Tim, even if you’re in less-than-favorable circumstances.

People Acuity Newsletter – October 2020

Business today is more complicated and competitive than ever before. You’ve likely felt its complexities exponentially increasing, and with it, the pressure weighing on you like a backpack full of lead. With the rest of the world, you’ve seen companies both large and small go under, including giants like J.C. Penney, GNC, and Hertz, along with over 100,000 small businesses. You might be hoping that your company isn’t next!

People Acuity Newsletter – September 2020

Seismic shifts in the way companies operate, complete their day-to-day work, and lead their people are occurring right now. The pressure on leaders has never been greater! You may be facing an unspoken expectation of showing up with endless optimism and quiet calm, yet behind the scenes you are wrestling with all kinds of new questions for which you have no answers – even as your people look to you and expect you to have them.

People Acuity Newsletter – August 2020

America is at a critical crossroads right now – and its direction in the coming months will define what happens for the next generation. It’s easy to feel small in the bigness of what is unfolding, yet perhaps there is truth to this ancient piece of wisdom: “out of small things proceeds that which is great.”

People Acuity Newsletter – July 2020

People Acuity Newsletter – July 2020 The Strongest Self-Leaders Will Lead the Future! A recent conversation with an HR leader of a large publicly-held company revealed a whole new level of strangeness and leader stress in these unusual times. Six hundred unaccounted-for employees had stopped responding to company efforts to bring them back to the office from home-based work. These missing individuals previously had [...]

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