People Acuity Newsletter – March 2021

Leading and Executing Effectively Under Pressure

Moving at the speed of light” is no longer just a phrase from a sci-fi movie or futuristic thriller. It has become a frighteningly true-to-life descriptor of what it feels like to navigate today’s quantum-paced business environment.

As your own experience likely attests, leading today too often comes with the crushing pressure to push harder than ever before, especially as the global economic engines are coming back online. The “faster, faster, faster” mantra, with the added expectation of “better and cheaper”, can leave you feeling like you’re on a treadmill set on super-speed with an incline that will run the legs right off you. No wonder you are dragging and utterly exhausted sometimes!

If this is happening for you even on a small scale – guaranteed – you are not alone! This is why we created this issue of the newsletter and our accompanying leadership report, so that you will have some tools to help you.

We know that leaders have it harder today than ever before, particularly in the face of trying to recover from the 2020 world financial crisis– not to mention a global pandemic that just keeps dragging on and dragging people down with it. When you add to this the large numbers of retiring employees who are taking with them years of legacy business knowledge, and the shortage of prepared up-and-coming leaders, it almost feels like a new kind of perfect storm is building.

Right now, you need all hands-on deck, and every single one of your people to be armed and ready to execute under pressure using their own internal resources rather than relying on you to handhold their way through it. You don’t have the luxury of time to solve everyone’s problems or walk with them step-by-step until they find solutions.

This is where today’s most effective leaders separate themselves from others, as they consistently leverage four pivotal principles that guide their personal response to pressure and help them shape their people’s ability to execute effectively in spite of it. These leaders know how to use pressure as a positive catalyst, rather than caving under its weight into a swirl of depletion, exhaustion, and without ever having the feeling of falling short.

If you want to help yourself and others perform well under pressure, rather than let it sink them, click on the leadership report shown here. You can discover Four Things Effective Leaders Do Under Pressure (That Fire-Fighting Leaders Ignore). Make sure you are not stuck in the “fire-fighting leader” category – and that you have the tools to support your people at this critical time in your business.


Four Things Effective Leaders Do Under Pressure
(That Fire-Fighting Leaders Ignore)

If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t want the pressure of being a general in the midst of a heated battle, making life and death decisions.

Yet, research tells us there is little difference between the feelings military leaders have under pressure and that of today’s business leaders navigating our complicated fast-paced economic environment. Your decisions may not literally involve life and death, but the feelings you experience can keep you awake at night nonetheless, and leave you feeling weighted and overburdened.

There is a widening gap today between leaders who have learned how to harness pressure and use it as catalyst to increase effective execution, and those who are simply stuck in it. You can see these differences summarized in Figure 1 and the accompanying table in our whitepaper.

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I took away enormous value from participating in People Acuity’s virtual workshop. It was reassuring, at this time particularly, to have affirmed that we have within ourselves the capacity to make a difference – and to understand how better to do so. It was refreshing and energizing.”
Rob Escano, Head of Talent Development, Del Monte Philippines

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Imagine harvesting many of the powerful benefits of our two-day leadership development workshops in an easily accessible, self-paced program that can be completed in about two hours. By completing this course, you will learn to more effectively manage everyday, yet difficult circumstances and situations, empowering and inspiring you into positive action.

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  5. Your energy needs assessment
  6. Key steps in establishing personalized conditions to being your best you every single day
To optimize your learning experience and receive the maximum benefits, this course includes:
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  • People Acuity certificate upon course completion
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Learn More and Register

Statistics You Need to Know About Corporate Online Learning

When it comes to corporate continuing education, even now, a year after the pandemic started, traveling and in-person conferences and events are, unfortunately, not getting back to normal any time soon. Fortunately though, especially during this time, online learning platforms and offerings have gone from slimmer to robust! Although this method of learning has been around for over two decades, COVID-19 was certainly a catalyst in the enormous expansion of the corporate e-learning market.

Below we have some incredible statistics gathered from several different studies that illustrate why you should seriously consider implementing this type of program for your company.
  • Traditional educational opportunities typically take 40-60% more employee time than e-learning the same information.
  • IBM was able to save about $200 million, thanks to their adoption of e-learning. They also realized that e-learners retained nearly 5 times more info this way, even though the amount of time spent was the same as on traditional training/learning.
  • Online learning helps companies build a competitive edge by allowing easier access to education about changes in their market – so says 72% of respondents in an interview about e-learning.
  • The Asia-Pacific e-learning market is the fastest growing segment, expected to increase 20% yearly.
  • Globally, the majority of e-learning, 70%, is from 2 areas – the United States and Europe.
  • Every $1 companies spend on online learning brings in productivity worth $30.
  • By 2025, the e-learning market will be $325 billion, and of that, $50 billion will be from corporate e-learning. Between 2020 and 2026, the yearly growth in corporate e-learning is expected to be 15%, making it a top contributor of the overall e-learning industry.
  • 67% of organizations are currently offering online learning.
  • Corporate e-learning revenues are projected to grow 350% from the levels of 2017 to 2026.
  • A $1500 per year training investment in each employee results in a 24% increase in margins.
  • While in-person training brings a meager 8-10% retention rate, online learning boosts that to an impressive 25-60%.
  • When your team is actively engaged, they deliver 2.6 times the earnings-per-share. You can lift employee engagement by 18% through online learning.
  • In 1995, 4% of corporations used online learning – now it is 90%.
  • Learning at their own pace is the preference of 58% of employees.
  • If their company invested in career development, 94% of employees would stay there longer.
  • When their manager suggests an online course, 56% of employees say they would take it.

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