People Acuity Newsletter – December 2020

Season of Joy and Peace

If you are among the 88% of employees experiencing the highest stress levels ever, this season of supposed peace and joy may not feel like that for you.1 The year-ending period of celebrations isn’t over yet though, and you can still be infused with the happiness of Tiny Tim, even if you’re in less-than-favorable circumstances.

The relatively new field of positive psychology suggests that happiness is created rather than something that happens to you. It doesn’t come because you are lucky – it comes because of your choices.

This season, there are three choices that will automatically elevate your happiness level. The added good news is that when you make them, not only do you elevate your own happiness, but you will also lift others. You can give the gift that keeps on giving without spending a dime!

Here are three choices that are sure to boost your spirits:

It is normal for humans to notice everything that isn’t working.  Social scientists call this “the negativity bias”.  However, the more you focus on something, the more you find it, which means negativity just breeds more of the same.  When you notice your own negativity and choose instead to look at people and things appreciatively, you will see them differently, but more importantly, you will feel different!  Look before you leap into negative thinking or conversation.

Let your pain fuel your passion. Your burdens can be a bummer, or they can help you understand and lift others who are faced with similar difficulties.  They can give you compassion and open doors to authentic connection.  When you look to serve others who are struggling, you will automatically lift your own spirits – and theirs!

Activate genuine curiosity instead of judgment. If you’re like most people, you spend an inordinate amount of time judging others as well as yourself.  When you choose to be a No Judgment Zone, however, your energy is automatically amplified because you have removed the biggest barrier to positive flow in your life – judgment of yourself and others.  Replacing it with genuine curiosity and listening to understand only further ignites your energy and theirs.

Three simple choices and you are on your way to a truly happy holiday season!  Do more than wish someone “happy holidays” – bring them happiness by first choosing it for yourself.


[1] American Institute of Stress, 2020 study

Three Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

Even though the majority of us look forward to the holiday season as our most favorite time of the year, it’s easy to get stressed out planning, thinking about, and implementing your special celebration plans. Whether you’re a hostess-trying-to-do-the-mostest, just looking for the perfect gift to give, or someone who tries to find joy during December’s holidays but has difficulty feeling the magical spirit so many seem to be full of, these tips will help you lower your stress levels and make way for a bit more relaxation and enjoyment.

Perfectionism Can (Will) Kill the Fun
While that sounds harsh, it’s absolutely true! If you expect perfection, imperfection is what you’ll always get. Give yourself a little grace. Nothing goes 100% the way you want or expect it to 100% of the time, and if you require 100% perfection, then you’ll fall short every time. Wine may stain the carpet, the appetizers might get cold, the royal icing might slide off the cookies. You can have lofty goals and try your best, but if things don’t turn out perfect, let all of that roll like water off a duck’s back, and so will everyone else.

The Check is in the Mail…And So is Your Gift
There are shipping delays with every carrier this year. In a way, that’s good, because it means we’re staying home to shop, out of the brick-and-mortar stores, and safe from COVID-19. However, if you’re waiting for deliveries, and see the days ticking away with no movement listed or updated on your tracking information, the stress levels are sure to climb. The USPS website wouldn’t even load its Click-N-Ship page when one of us needed it the other day, and some online retailers have been told by UPS and FedEx that they cannot accept (temporarily) any more parcels. You are not alone in this delayed delivery dilemma. Perhaps a backup plan would help quell your stress. A few options include:

  • A cute holiday card with “Your gift is on the way!” written inside
  • An “appetizer gift” that is related to the actual gift, and could even be a clue as to what the delayed present is
  • A small gift (such as a gift card) so the recipient has something and doesn’t feel left out when others are opening gifts

Time Out
This is pretty much the holy grail of stress relief. No matter how much you have to do, we are giving you – right now – the permission you won’t give yourself to take a break! Just 10 minutes away from cooking, wrapping gifts, or writing holiday cards can really recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Use this time to take a walk, watch and listen to YouTube videos of fireplaces crackling and their flames dancing, enjoy a cup of tea or fancy hot chocolate, lie down and close your eyes, or whatever would take you away for a little bit from all you have to get done and the stress of it all.

Everyone at People Acuity would like to wish you a wonderful holiday celebration, full of everything you hold near and dear, and empty of the stress that can creep in and try to sabotage the enjoyment!

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