Meet the People Acuity Thought Leader Team

DeAnna Murphy

The People Acuity Thought Leader team are the authors of the book Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living. They are also the creators of a new, validated measurement tool, the C2B Assessment, evaluating Work Joy, Team Connection, Confident Vulnerability™ and Proactivity. Between them they have worked in nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms and collectively hold over one hundred certifications and international and national recognitions. They are engaging speakers with a unique interactive and interdependent approach to keynoting and facilitating learning.

The people equation is the key to all outstanding results. Yet people problems underlie every single one of the seven most common pain points for individuals and organizations: including leadership, engagement, teamwork, performance, energy/well-being, productivity, and diversity. However, when you learn to live and work from Strategic Interdependence, Strengths Strategy, and clear Purpose Alignment you change all people problems and Shift Up! every part of your life.

This engaging learning event will introduce participants to the Strengths Strategies that produce the most significant increases in energy, performance, and relationships – and how to be empowered to live and work in optimal ways.

This interactive experience explores these key questions: Why care about Work Joy (rather than employee engagement)? What does Work Joy involve? How can you influence it? Framing Work Joy as something you can shift, regardless of your circumstances, empowers you to be a difference-maker, and can even change your circumstances!

Interdependence is not a myth or an impossible pipe dream. It is a reality that produces the most impactful outcomes possible, available only to those who understand how to be strategic about the creation of it. This experiential exploration involves learning how to recognize Strategic Interdependence as compared to its counterfeit alternatives, and how to create it in a way that leads to high energy and performance every single day!

Other topics available upon request.

“The People Acuity Thought Leaders are not some heard-it-a-million times, dime-a-dozen facilitators or speakers. Rather, one experience with them and you are changed. There’s no going back. They bring a relevant, timely, and transformative methodology that unequivocally changes teams and leaders.”
-N. Gilstrap, Retired HR EVP

“I have never seen a more comprehensive and effective development experience! Learning to affect performance by addressing people’s strengths and needs has led to a whole new level of success and enjoyment in our work and the people around us.”
-Robert J. Hager, CEO

“DeAnna, Steve, and Lisa are the most talented facilitators of learning I have ever known! They have evolved to thought leaders of international stature.”
-L. Shannon, former Director of Leadership Development

To discuss options for engaging one or more of the People Acuity Thought Leaders for your group or organization, contact us at or download the one-page information sheet.