Steve Jeffs, DBA, MCC

Chief Innovation Officer

Steve Jeffs pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Sought after as an engaging and entertaining speaker, he has inspired people in more than 80 countries. Steve blends intellect, humor, and an uncanny ability to observe and interact with audience members on the fly to deeply connect with them and the passion surrounding their newfound possibilities.

Steve co-leads the People Acuity groundswell that has been sweeping the globe and bridging the way into the new Human Economy. His out-of-the-box thinking has prompted thousands of people to reconsider their approach to work and life, and to adopt Strengths Strategies that accelerate growth and deepen the relationships necessary to attain success in today’s economy.

Steve’s technical expertise and diverse, global experience is combined with a thirst for adventure which brings complex topics to life. With a high energy approach and a presence that fills the room, audiences are educated, inspired and entertained. Whether the goal is business results, personal transformation, leadership growth, or innovation, his keynotes drive new ways of thinking allowing audiences to Shift Up!