Shauna Davis

Director of Client Services

Shauna Davis is a vibrant servant leader, coach, and facilitator who has 25 years of leadership experience in various capacities. She brings to her role a genuine presence, thoughtful questions, and an incisive strategic mind, all combined with an ability to create abundant collaboration.

Shauna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development with a minor in Sociology. She approaches her work in a coach-like way, making good use of her Strengths Strategy Coach Certification, and her other certifications as a People Acuity coach, team coach, and facilitator as she works with clients all around the globe.

Shauna’s skillset also makes her an invaluable contribution to the People Acuity leadership team, as she brings 15 years of curriculum design and facilitation experience. She has used this to guide the development of streamlined processes, as well as a customer-centric development journey during which clients feel individually cared for. Shauna’s leadership style is thoughtful, warm, and clear. She has a history of excellent project management, thorough attention to detail, and a commitment to go to great lengths to take care of those she serves.