Lisa Gregory

Chief Product Officer

Lisa Gregory is both a thought leader and a motivational speaker who has delighted audiences in eighteen countries, as well as some of the world’s most successful companies. She is a business owner, leader, and performance improvement professional with nineteen years of experience. Lisa consistently delivers performance and perspective-shifting ideas that rivet audiences and ignite them toward action.

Using real-time and customized data, blended with powerful stories, she awakens people to their own value, opportunities, and unique contributions. Lisa’s uncanny ability to synthesize complex theories into clear, actionable practices makes her presentations immensely practical, relevant, engaging, and change-igniting.

In her very experiential speaking style, she draws audience members in, teaches them to both see and be different so they can create different results in their lives. Whether the goal is business results, personal development, leadership growth, or innovation, her keynotes drive outcomes that are tailored to her audience and meaningful to them.