Kaylee Hales

Client Services Project Manager

Kaylee Hales is the Client Services Project Manager for People Acuity. She is responsible for guiding clients across the globe through their customized multi-modality learning experiences. Kaylee is known for being an attentive, thoughtful, and conscientious communicator, and for using her signature “coach-likeness” developed during her certifications as a Strengths Strategy Coach and People Acuity Guide. Clients share that they feel genuinely cared for, seen, and attentively served by her.

Kaylee also provides technical leadership of all virtual programs. She is adept at resolving platform issues, ensuring that people are connected and have all the resources needed for an optimal learning experience. Kaylee is fluent in Spanish and English, which further enhances her ability to serve a global market. She is presently a full-time college student working toward a bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University.