Passion, Credibility, and Experience

The People Acuity team is comprised of thought leaders and innovators. They have led sophisticated, yet approachable and highly customizable, training programs around the world, and they are fun to work with!
Members of the People Acuity team have co-authored multiple books and publications, have worked in nearly 25% of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms, and collectively hold over one hundred certifications including international and national recognitions.
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Tony Murphy

Co-Founder, President, CEO, and COO

Tony Murphy, MPA, is the CEO of People Acuity. For nearly 30 years, he served as the Chief Executive Officer, for a series of complex organizations, with responsibilities for program operations, human resources, and budget/finances. Tony is certified as an expert in LEAN/Six Sigma and Change Management. Known for his innovation and creative problem-solving skills, he has long been recognized as a thought leader in organizational excellence.

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DeAnna Murphy

Chief Organizational Development Officer

DeAnna Murphy, M.S., is the Chief Organizational Development Officer of People Acuity and an organizational psychologist. She is a 25-year leadership development veteran, a Top 100 Global Coaching Leader, and the lead author of the People Acuity books. Known as a dynamic and engaging speaker, coach and thought leader, DeAnna’s work has reached over 50,000 people in just the last five years. She is hailed as a life-changing and transformational leader.

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Steve Jeffs, DBA, MCC

Chief Innovation Officer

Steve Jeffs is a Top 50 Global Coach, and holds a Master Coach Certification (MCC) and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is on the faculty for CTI, is a former board member for the ICF, and has led People Acuity’s research for the past nine years. Steve is culturally-dexterous, and has led training and executive coaching for Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. He has a reputation as a trusted coach, strategist, and facilitator.

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Shauna Davis

Director of Client Services

Shauna Davis, B.S., is the Director of Client Services. She is a certified People Acuity facilitator, individual coach, and team coach who intimately understands the needs of clients all across the globe. Shauna has overseen the growth of our client work as it has expanded from four to thirty-two countries over the past five years. She has served thousands of clients and coaches, and is known for her strategic, responsive, and conscientious client service.

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Kaylee Hales

Client Services Project Manager

Kaylee Hales is the Client Services Project Manager for People Acuity and oversees the development journey of corporate clients across the world. She also provides technical leadership of all virtual programs. Kaylee is fluent in Spanish and English, which further enhances her ability to serve a global market. She is a certified Strengths Strategy Coach and People Acuity Guide, and is known for her warm approach and extra-mile service to customers both internal and external.

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