Measure Your Interdependent Leadership

The People Acuity Index is the only validated measure of Interdependent Leadership in the world. It measures the core drivers for each of the four spheres of influence and engagement.

People Acuity Index Scales

Work Joy

A learned skill that allows you to create aliveness at work, and to enthusiastically enroll your own heart and mind in your work experience.

Team Connection

How you see the relationships within the team, and how willing you are to work to create strong, complementary relationships.


Willingness to create self-accountability, including taking responsibility for your own needs and balancing them with others around you.

Confident Vulnerability

A learned skill that empowers you to effectively balance the confidence and the vulnerability necessary for high-trust work relationships.

How the People Acuity Index Helps You

The People Acuity Index helps you have stronger work performance and relationships.  It provides important individual feedback about how you are using Interdependent Leadership as you engage with your work situation and relationships – both of which are important to your outcomes and fulfillment.  The People Acuity Index helps you positively impact your:

Self Acuity and Influence

Seeing where you are strong and weak, what you need to be at your best, what triggers your strengths into weaknesses, and how to use your own resources to create optimal energy and performance

Others Acuity and Influence

Seeing and inviting others’ contributions to complement your weaknesses and create effective outcomes, recognizing what others need and how they are triggered and how to help them use their own resources to recover during frustration

Situational Acuity and Influence

Seeing what is most important in your work situations and how to organize your work to optimally leverage your resources to create the best possible work outcomes.

Complete the People Acuity Index

People Acuity Index for
Teams and Organizations

The People Acuity Index team and organizational reports provide important feedback about individual practices of Interdependent Leadership and the alignment and strength of your corporate culture. The stronger your corporate culture, the better prepared individuals are to hold themselves accountable, navigate stress and change, and the more likely you are to be able to work effectively together to accomplish important shared outcomes. The team and organization reports aggregate and analyze individual team members’ results, providing actionable results while maintaining anonymity. These reports can also reveal important changes over time.

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