Learning Experiences: All programs include 1 or 2 day in person workshops, online learning, 1 on 1 coaching/team coaching/triad calls, and assessments to build, develop and embed new skills and culture.

Audience: Designed for senior leaders, managers and HR leaders, and high potentials (up-and-coming-leaders).

Leadership Development options:

  • Shift Up Your People Acuity Leadership
  • Shift Up Accountability and Productivity: People Acuity Specialist Certification
  • Shift Up Coach-Like Communication: People Acuity Guide Certification
  • Shift Up Your Individual and Team Performance
  • Shift Up Engagement: Igniting Work Joy
  • People Acuity Team Coach Fundamentals: Shift Up Teamwork

Introduction to People Acuity Leadership: Leaders cannot win today if they do not know how to win the hearts and minds of their people!  People Acuity leadership development is thus critical to the success of People Culture alignment and transformation as this is its most profound and impactful outcome.  As leaders develop People Acuity they also learn to balance task and relationship, and to see and optimize the untapped potential of their people. They become more coach-like in the way they lead and better equipped to empower employee self-initiative (Proactivity), Work Joy and engagement, as well as more effective team functioning – all of which are non-negotiable drivers of all business success today.  Leaders can’t win without People Acuity!

The People Acuity Leadership Development options are not cookie-cutter program templates, but are built and customized in partnership with client partners, and in response to their needs.  They offer pre/post measurement options – and money-back guarantees, if results are not seen within 90 days. The leadership development options are shown here in the order most likely to lend itself to fast traction and growth. Each program builds on previous experiences, expanding and deepening the leader skillset all while helping to align business objectives with People Culture