People Acuity is invested in Developing Interdependent Leadership as a cutting-edge approach that responds to and resolves many of the deepest needs facing organizations today. The most effective way to create a culture of lasting Interdependent Leadership is to have your own in-house facilitators expertly teach the skills and practices needed to ignite lasting positive transformation.

To this end, People Acuity offers both live and virtual in-house facilitator certifications to empower your people to deliver the leading-edge concepts and applications from within the context of your unique culture. This allows you to integrate your language and better address your organization’s needs using your top facilitators and coaches to ignite behavior change across your organization.

Facilitators who attend will increase their ability to:

  • Design conditions needed to create Interdependence, including psychological safety of all participants
  • Enroll others to be enthusiastic and engaged contributors of their own and others’ learning
  • Leverage the strengths of participants to expand the learning for all
  • Identify and meet diverse learner needs
  • Manage toxic or disengaged learners
  • Become confident in leading the program content

People Acuity offers individually tailored facilitator certification experiences that will empower you to confidently develop Interdependent Leadership by evolving influencers and champions of its mindsets and practices. We will partner with you to provide the tools and resources to help you expertly lead People Acuity content in your own organization.

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“People Acuity’s certifications have given me new tools to teach and coach others to become more effective communicators in our organization. It has facilitated deeper team building, problem solving and personal development as employees have learned to use and unify their strengths. I’m better able to empower others to increase their performance and energy.”
Chris Johnson, PHR, Human Resources Director, District 2 Minnesota Department of Transportation