People Acuity is a consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge research-based leadership development. We lift business performance by empowering leaders with crucial skills for this new economy.


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Developing Interdependent Leadership

People Acuity is a leadership development consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge and research-based leadership development in thirty-two countries. We lift business performance by empowering leaders with crucial skills for this new economy. Our programs are customizable and supported by proprietary assessment tools. We provide measurable behavior changes, and we offer a multi-modality learning approach including: on-demand online programs, virtual guided classroom programs, and in-person programs supported by seasoned professional coaches.

As a global leadership development consulting firm, we empower leaders with critical game-changing skills needed today, like:

  • Self-Leadership
  • Proactive Accountability
  • Coach-like Engagement
  • Interdependent Collaboration
  • Transformative Innovation
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“Our PA learning experience has made us trust-rich and performance-rich.  We’ve seen a 250% increase in our trust scores since we started.  This is making our company rich, and everyone is winning because of it.  Growing our Interdependent Leadership skillset has led to multiple best-ever sales months and performance-busting records, all happening during COVID when others’ businesses are struggling.  This stuff works!”

Jason Chesko, VP of Sales for Factory Outlet Trailers
“I have never seen a more comprehensive and effective development experience! Learning to affect performance by helping people see themselves differently has led to a whole new level of success and enjoyment in our work and the people around us. We posted the highest numbers in ten years after our People Acuity experience.

Robert J. Hager, CEO, Border State Bank