Today’s “Quit Rate” – the rate at which employees up and leave their jobs – is at an all-time high. The most common reason for this is company culture. People quit people. They quit teams. They quit bosses, and they quit organizations where toxicity is high.

People Acuity believes that culture is not grown through employee engagement rhetoric, surveys or gimmicks. Most employees don’t care about employee engagement, but they do care about their own Work Joy.  Who doesn’t want to experience joyful fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and belonging at work?

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People Acuity’s approach to organization culture is to inspire Work Joy at all levels of the organization. Inspiring Work Joy means creating a workplace that values meaningful work, purposeful contribution, interpersonal agility, coach-like communication, and proactive accountability. Inspired Work Joy is no longer a “nice to-have” – it has become an urgent “must-have” – particularly given the current climate of employee mobility and workforce opt-outs.

This culture-building leadership experience will strengthen your organization’s competitive advantage and remove barriers to interdependence. Leaders are equipped to create a lasting positive impact for both people and the company bottom line.

Leaders who participate in the Inspiring Work Joy experience will increase their ability to:

  • Create intentional culture that leads to an effective, aligned work environment
  • Unleash individual contributions and purpose to better serve critical team/organizational needs
  • Strengthen employee resilience through proactive systems and practices that insulate against destructive forces
  • Coach/mentor others through change and increasing performance growth.

Inspiring Work Joy Masterclass – A Virtual Guided Classroom or Live Learning Experience includes:

  1. Seven 45-minute online learning sessions with highly engaging videos, projects, assessment tools, and workbook interactions
  2. Seven virtual sessions (two hours each session) of coach-like guided classroom interaction to facilitate practical application and help you to positively influence others’ growth (or a 2-day live workshop experience)
  3. Peer group accountability discussions that allow you to synergize your learning experience and inspire one another’s growth
  4. Access to the Full StrengthsMultiplier Report
  5. Regular Growth Zone Challenges, daily practice logs, and a guided action planning experience to help ensure that you achieve your desired results
  6. An optional certification is available for this program.

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“When we started this program, a lot of people who were drowning.  Inspiring Work Joy reversed our patterns and brought inside-out change and hope.  It helped us guide our people to their own resilient strength!”

Cam Fanfulik, Executive Director, NWRDC

“Our people described this journey as transformative, eye-opening, and mind-blowing, and providing them with critical lessons and insights. Our engagement increased by 21% within 18 months of the program.”

Syria T. Rama, Learning Leadership & Talent Development Partner, Barclay’s Bank and Investment Center

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