Does Your Leadership Training Deliver Emotionally Intelligent Leaders?

You’ve likely had experiences with emotionally intelligent leaders who operated with high Confident Vulnerability and inspired great employee performance – every day. You’ve also probably interacted with leaders who also made you feel small, insignificant, or inadequate. Good leaders create a unifying vision and motivate people to bring vision to reality. They attract, inspire, and ultimately retain the talent needed to get the job done well. With the right type of leadership and leadership skills, nothing is impossible!

Before leaders can effectively influence others, however, they must first be able to clearly lead themselves with Confident Vulnerability. By deeply understanding their own strengths and emotions, and developing strategies to mitigate blind spots, an emotionally intelligent leader inspires a work culture where there is strong self-awareness, other-awareness, and situational-awareness.  This naturally accelerates exceptional results.

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Self-Leaders

Self-Leadership is a critical competency for anyone who wants to deliver with, and inspire, high energy and performance consistently!  A recent global leadership study of 7,000 leaders identified self-leadership as the most-needed competency of our day.

In truth, Self-Leadership is where all great results and relationships begin given that it always initiates an upward, synergistic, positive contagion that lifts others, teams, and organizations! People Acuity’s Self-Leadership for Current & Emerging Leadership masterclass is the recommended starting point to build your leadership bench strength.

About the Self-Leadership for Current & Emerging Leaders Learning Experience

Self-Leadership for Current & Emerging Leaders is a must-have leadership training opportunity for managers, leaders, and high potentials who want to develop increased emotional intelligence and consistently deliver high energy and performance!  It is also a great culture-building experience for all employees.  The Self-Leadership experience will help participants:

  • Increase confidence in their ability to positively influence self and others
  • Become more emotionally intelligent and proactive, and less negative and reactive
  • Sharpen their strengths-use to decrease weakness and increase energy and performance
  • Create stronger relationships, collaboration, and problem-solving through increased Confident Vulnerability
  • Discover their purpose and increase Work Joy and fulfillment

What You Get With This Cutting-Edge Leadership Training

This Self-Leadership for Current & Emerging Leaders learning experience is known for dramatically increasing emotional intelligence and creating lasting behavior change because of these world-class inclusions:

  • Seven 45-minute online sessions with engaging videos, projects, assessments, and workbook interactions to introduce new mindsets, language, and practices
  • Seven peer group accountability discussions to process and apply the learning to real-work situations
  • Daily Growth Zone Challenges and practice logs to integrate the learning daily, and provide a clear action plan for maintaining post-program growth
  • Seven 2-hour virtual sessions to facilitate skill practice (or a 2-day live workshop)
  • Free access to the leading-edge StrengthsMultiplierTop 7 strengths assessment.


“Self-Leadership has helped me practice Interdependence and no judgment. My energy is definitely higher, and I’m more productive than I’ve ever been before!”

Gaye Karnasuta, Senior Leader, Del Monte Philippines

“Self-Leadership has made us trust-rich and is making our company rich. Growing our Self-Leadership as a company has led to multiple best-ever sales months, and we just keep growing faster than we ever imagined!”

Jason Chesko, Vice President of Sales, Factory Outlet Trailers

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