The amount of time spent on team functions at work (group meetings, phone calls or email) is now estimated to be over 80% of the employee’s workday.  Building effective teams has become a more critical business imperative than ever!

Selecting energetic, ambitious, and capable people is always a plus for the team, but team members typically represent different business functions, products, lines of business, or geographies – all competing for influence, resources, and promotion.

And while teams are the way business gets done today, teamwork is made even more challenging by the dramatic growth of hybrid workspaces, which often leads to disconnection and makes it harder to meet deadlines and produce quality outcomes.

Creating team effectiveness is not as simple as assembling a group of people and charging them with a business-critical project. It requires aligning around shared purposes, goals, and processes, as well as having clear agreements about how to be together and create high performance. This requires attention and intention to ensure the kind of optimal team functioning that leads to optimal outcomes.

Recommended Solution

The recommended solution to increase team effectiveness is the Team Effectiveness coaching journey. People Acuity’s Team Effectiveness team coaching journey equips teams with the tools, skills, and keys for remarkable group results, for formal and informal teams. This experience is designed to accelerate the alignment, focus, connection, and engagement of intact teams.

Teams will leave this experience with a greater ability to create the psychological safety needed to create the highest possible team performance. They will learn how to draw in and honor opposing perspectives.

Teams participating in this learning experience will:

  • Increase team connection by defining team purpose
  • Strengthen team accountability and commitment
  • Decrease conflict, blame, and judgment through clear operating agreements
  • Deepen their ability to collaborate and breakdown silos
  • Become more solution-focused, agile, and collaborative.

This program includes:

  • Customized team coaching sessions designed to meet specific outcomes
  • Actionable strategies to ensure application of learning
  • The StrengthsMultiplier™ Top 7 Assessment (as needed)
  • Team Effectiveness summary including team purpose, norms, strengths, needs, and accountability strategies
  • Team purpose poster (digital copy)
  • Access to top-ranked global coaching leaders to support process.


“Our Team Effectiveness experience increased our team’s functioning by over 90% over the past year!  We are communicating better, understanding each other better, and are functioning like a real team thanks to the growth we have achieved together.”

Grant Lindell, First United Bank Michigan

“The Team Effectiveness experience absolutely shifted our conversation to a new level of understanding!  We are moving forward in new ways toward really functioning as a high performing team.”

Mary Marchel, Health and Human Services Director, Beltrami County

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