Interdependent Leadership – A New Leadership Approach for a New Economy

The Human Economy has arrived. A new economy is upon us, one that has quietly emerged with as much fanfare as the gradual temperature changes connected to global warming.  If you are in the busyness of your life you may have missed it! The Human Economy is built on the human experience, and performance outcomes are only as good as the interactions and co-created innovations that powered them.  Leaders who are successful at enrolling the human heart and mind are those will thrive and win in this new economy. Those who don’t will be part of the four in every ten organizations predicted by J.P. Morgan to fail in the coming decade. 

Learn more about the Human Economy, see quantitative evidence that it is here and learn why Interdependent Leadership is the critical competency for all leaders wishing to thrive and add to the bottomline. Download this ebook today.