Through twenty years of research and organizational development experience, People Acuity has developed a systematic set of programs you can see on this website:

We understand that due to specific needs and circumstances, some organization might need these programs tailored for them.

We will gladly work with you to modify any of our current programs to meet your needs, or we can create completely customized programs for you.

Program Delivery Options:

  • Online introduction:
  • Live workshop
  • Virtual workshop

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“You are the best in the business, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the learning experiences for us as a company, and for me, while working with you and your team on our leadership journey.”

Himmat Singh, CEO Circle of Life Healthcare
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Examples of Custom Programs:

  • The Key Skill for Leadership in a New Economy: 2-hour virtual workshop to acquaint leaders with the leadership skill identified by 7,000 leaders in a recent assessment as the most critical to have in today’s new world
  • Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance: a one-day live workshop to orient individuals to seven performance-enhancing strategies for applying strengths at work
  • Revolutionizing Engagement by Increasing Work Joy: a 2-hour live or virtual workshop for leaders designed to help them empower employee engagement through self-driven Work Joy
  • Living the Seven Habits Through Strengths Strategy: a live or virtual learning experience to bring Strengths Strategy to increase the application of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Team Strengths Discovery: a live or virtual learning experience to help teams increase their collaboration through understanding and integrating individuals’ strengths
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