Culture of Engagement

Do Your Leaders Create High Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction?

Today’s employee engagement challenges have inspired the highest-ever “Quit Rate” – the rate at which employees up and leave their jobs, and some of the lowest job satisfaction ratings of all time.

A positive, inspiring culture is not grown through employee engagement rhetoric, surveys or gimmicks, however. Most employees don’t care about leader-driven employee engagement initiatives, but they do care about their own Work Joy. Who doesn’t want to experience joyful fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and belonging at work?

Inspiring a Culture of Work Joy and High Employee Engagement
The challenge in shifting ownership for employee engagement from leaders to employees is resolved quickly when managers learn to lead through coaching and mentoring. Coach-likeness inspires employees to take charge of their own development and accountability and to voluntarily release their potential to achieve important organizational results.

People Acuity’s Coach-like Leadership: Inspiring Work Joy will strengthen your organization’s competitive advantage and remove barriers to interdependence. Leaders are equipped to create a lasting positive impact for both people and the company bottom line.

About the Self-Leadership for Current & Emerging Leaders Learning Experience

Leaders who participate in the Coach-like Leadership: Inspiring Work Joy experience will increase their ability to:

  • Create intentional high-trust relationships
  • Motivate others to sustained high energy and performance, stronger self-accountability, and increased focus on meeting critical team/organizational objectives
  • Coach others into managing and turning their weaknesses into strengths
  • Deliver inspiring feedback (feedforward) needed to ignite positive growth
  • Communicate with greater effectiveness – including knowing what information to share when, and how to deliver a message in ways that inspire and connect with listeners
  • Guide others to proactively create innovative solutions to problems/challenges
What You Get With This Cutting-Edge Leadership Training

This Coach-like Leadership: Inspiring Work Joy learning experience is known for dramatically influencing lasting behavior change because of these world-class inclusions:

  • Seven 45-minute online sessions with engaging videos, projects, assessments, and workbook interactions to introduce new mindsets, language, and practices

  • Seven peer group accountability discussions to process and apply the learning to real-work situation

  • Daily Growth Zone Challenges and practice logs to integrate the learning daily, and provide a clear action plan for maintaining post-program growth

  • Seven 2-hour virtual sessions to facilitate skill practice (or a 2-day live workshop)
  • Free access to the leading-edge Full StrengthsMultiplier strengths report

  • An optional certification is available for this program

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“When we started this program, a lot of people who were drowning.  Inspiring Work Joy reversed our patterns and brought inside-out change and hope.  It helped us guide our people to their own resilient strength!”

Cam Fanfulik

Executive Director, NWRDC