Culture Leadership: Transformative Innovation

Culture Leadership is an action-learning laboratory designed to serve as a capstone of the Interdependent Leadership development experience. Leaders focus on shifting up systems, structures, and processes that will accelerate transformative innovation and sustain individual, team, and organizational growth.

Leaders will increase their ability to deliver:

  • Culture-building: setting the tone through intentionally modeling and teaching principles and processes that lead to an effective aligned work environment
  • Transformative innovation: co-designing progressive, forward-looking strategies and processes to accelerate innovation and advance business development
  • Organizational resilience and change: insulating against destructive forces and fear of change through proactive systems and a unified vision
  • Systems alignment: igniting performance growth by evaluating and transforming ineffective systems to support Interdependent Leadership mindsets and practices

The organization strengthens its competitive advantage as leaders remove barriers to interdependence, as well as align systems and processes to interdependence, in this Culture Leadership learning experience. Leaders are able to work on the business in ways that create a lasting positive impact for both people and the bottom line.

Program Delivery Options:

  • Online introduction (or post-session refresher): ten 6-minute videos with guided practice worksheets
  • Live workshop: two consecutive days
  • Virtual workshop: seven 2-hour virtual sessions, interspersed with online videos and peer group discussions
  • 10 self-directed learning sessions: each with a deliberate practice log, help to embed the skills
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“According to my calculations, taking into account what we’ve invested in the programs and the growth it has produced in our business, it appears we have an approximate 5,000% ROI: for every one dollar spent, we got $5,000 back. It is definitely worth it!”
David Thompson, CEO, Factory Outlet Trailers, Canada