Change Agility

Is Change Management a Challenge in Your Organization?
If your organization is like most, change management is a huge barrier to strong organizational performance. As the world is changing faster today and becoming more complex, ambiguous, and unpredictable, people are becoming more stressed and often, more resistant to change.
Many employees and leaders alike are also experiencing high levels of burnout and change-fatigue. This decreases employee performance, team performance, and gets in the way of organizational growth and impact.
Change Agility – A Necessary Power Skill For Change Management
The most successful organizations approach change as a tool to help them create new possibilities, rather than as an enemy threatening to take them down. Leaders in these organizations are entrepreneurial-minded, able to embrace change and quickly pivot, and resist “surviving” – while creating a “thriving” response.
The power skill of change agility empowers employees to feel less powerless, abandoned, or adrift in a sea of uncertainty. They are less inclined to blame and more willing to do what it takes to create positive change.
About the Change Agility Learning Experience

People Acuity’s Change Agility learning journey equips leaders, managers, and employees with the change management skills, tools and strategies needed to help them navigate today’s chaotic business climate. Participants will increase:

  • Self-awareness of their change-response and how this influences outcomes, energy, and performance
  • Mindset management and ability to stay open to chan
  • Strengths use skillset to help them cope with uncertainty
  • Communication skills to support a more entrepreneurial operating climate
  • User acceptance and use of new operating systems and tools.
What You Get With This Cutting-Edge Employee Development Training

The People Acuity Team Effectiveness team coaching experience includes:

  • Three 45-minute online sessions with engaging videos, projects, assessments, and workbook interactions to introduce new mindsets, language, and practices

  • Three peer group accountability discussions to process and apply the learning to real-work situations

  • Daily Growth Zone Challenges and practice logs to integrate the learning daily, with a and provide a clear action plan for maintaining post-program growth

  • Three 2-hour virtual sessions to facilitate skill practice (or a 2-day live workshop)

  • Free access to the StrengthsMultiplierTop 7 strengths report.

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“With our present challenges, learning to thrive in uncertainty is no longer optional. It is a must-have competency for everyone who wants to deliver with high energy and performance. Learning to do this has increased our productivity, while decreasing our reactivity and negativity. It helped us find clarity and become confident, with radical empathy – and increased our openness, our vulnerability, our energy and focus.”

Nanette Aguas

Head of HR, Unilab–International